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  1. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware Component Video Double Image?

    The title says it all. When I play Wii U through HDMI it works fine. Perfect Picture. But when I plug in my Component Video cable to record gameplay I get a double image. It isn't my PVR or my cable (the image is clear from Wii and from PS3). Any ideas as to why I am getting this double image...
  2. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware Any Way To Power Down Frozen System Without Unplugging?

    I bet I'm not the only one with this question. I loved being able to hold the power button on Wii and PS3 to shut it off when it crashed, but the Wii U seems to lack this functionality. Is there a way to shut down the console without unplugging it from the outlet? And if not, could Nintendo...
  3. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware WiiU Movie Playback

    Before all the "check google" posts appear I just wanted to see if the WiiU can play video off an external harddrive. I know Nintendo didn't have DVD playback on Wii, but I was hoping it's next console would have something of that nature. It seems practical for them to incorporate something like...
  4. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware Headset Compatibility

    I though the Wii U was going to be able to use old headsets from before it launched. Apparently, the only way to voice chat in games (like Blops Deuce) is to plug your headset into the gamepad. Of course, both my headsets are usb headsets. One of them even says it will work on WiiU and I got it...
  5. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware Laptop Lag Issues

    So I've been using windows movie maker to edit videos for some time, but all of a sudden it has been using a ridiculous amount of memory. In my task manager it says it's using 1.5 GB of RAM. This wouldn't be bothering me if it didn't slow down my computer a lot. This has only come up in my...
  6. 10_0ARMY

    International Films

    I saw Pan's Labyrinth and Battle Royal recently and loved both those films. I've realized that it definitely sucks to not enjoy great films from around the world. What are some of yalls favorite films from other countries than your own? Discuss :D
  7. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware WiiU Gamepad or WiiU Pro Controller?

    I was just wondering what controller people would prefer when the console launches later this year. Personally, I see myself using the Pro Controller on more "hardcore" games whereas I'd use the Gamepad on more chill titles, or even in single player games. For me, the game would determine my...
  8. 10_0ARMY

    Gaming Older Titles Coming Back On WiiU?

    I was looking through the WiiU section here and wondered what people would think if older games got remade for the WiiU. Like Battlefield 3, Elder Scrolls, etc? I'd personally be really glad to see Nintendo getting older games that were never made for Wii, but were great on the HD consoles. I...
  9. 10_0ARMY

    Misc MW3 Official Friend Code List

    The title says it all. Post ur codes and add people. I'll try to keep all the FC's posted on the first post for convenience. List: Name - Code - Mic(Y or N) Sigma~ (me): 2997-9881-5790 - Yes Ryoku: 2724-3545-7505 - No...
  10. 10_0ARMY

    Gaming Classic Controller (Pro) or Wiimote?

    I'm just really curious lately to see what cod players prefer when playing BO. I hear all sorts of hate about the CCP and how it's OP and shit (which it's not). Without aim assist it has no apparent advantage over the pointer. Please leave an explanation as to why you use the specific scheme...
  11. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware How do I get the Nintendo Wi-fi USB working on Windows 7?

    So basically I want to know how can I get my Nintendo Wi-fi USB running on my new PC. I've looked and everywhere says to uses the backwards compatibility mode with vista drivers or xp drivers but when it errors and doesn't complete the install. I haven't worried about this till now since I had...
  12. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware 3DS: Good or Bad?

    I've read so many threads about people having issues with their 3DS, both with hardware and software. BUT, I really want to get a sense of how may people have had issues with the console, had issues that don't bother them, or had no issues whatsoever. Vote and tell me why
  13. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware Sensor Bar is glitchy in FPS

    I don't know if its my sensor bar, wiimote(s), or just dirt on the lens of the remote, but from time to time on Conduit 2 and Cod BO My pointer goes crazy and starts aiming off the screen. This doesn't happen very often but when it does its frustrating. I was just wondering what could be cause...
  14. 10_0ARMY

    Gaming What do you think of Conduit2?

    I finished the Conduit2 this weekend and I have to say, I was disappointed with the length. The game started off not too bad but I beat the whole campaign with almost 100 percent completion percent in less than 6 hours. I've got to say I enjoy multiplayer with the customization and credits...
  15. 10_0ARMY

    Gaming Is there a Conduit 2 download yet?

    The title says it all...has the game leaked early yet? edit: don't post the dl link if there is one, just say the sight
  16. 10_0ARMY

    Gaming First Strike Map pack doesnt work

    I bought the first strike map pack and it doesnt say i have it when im on black ops, yet it was downloaded and installed. I've looked on google and it says there is a region lock or something but in the psn store there was one pack only and it didnt download any region things with it. I'm pissed...
  17. 10_0ARMY

    Misc Using different DS with same game card

    I know that this is a noob question, but nonetheless I MUST KNOW. So basically I went onto wifi for Black version to get my liberty pass and whenever you go on wifi with a DS game it saves some wifi settings and ask u to use this system when connecting to wifi. All I'd like to know is if I am...
  18. 10_0ARMY

    Hacking USB loader: Twilight Princess won't load

    I use the configurable usb loader v65 and all my backups load properly except for twilight princess. It is a PAL game but all other PAL games I have work perfectly fine when i force NTSC, but with Twilight Princess I get a black screen and have to hard reset the wii. I've tried another loader as...
  19. 10_0ARMY

    Hacking Old Backup Discs Not Being Read by the Configurable USB Loader

    First of all, don't hate on me if this topic is in the wrong section. So I recently switched from backup dvd's to an external hard drive and I was in the process of transferring backups from discs to my hdd and s bunch of the discs don't run in the usb loader and I tried running 'em in the...
  20. 10_0ARMY

    Hardware Getting PS3 Online With a 3g Mobile Broadband Card

    The title says it all. I was wondering if anyone can help me get my ps3 online with a 3g mobile broadband card. The carrier is AT&T and I've already tried Internet Connection Sharing and when i run a connection test i get the error "The attempt to obtain an I.P. address timed out." I've...
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