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  1. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'Computer upgrade'

    Looks good OP. Love the red and black theme. I also have an AMD ryzen!
  2. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'Changes'

    In the same boat. Changes are coming to my life, very fast actually. Like you said, I too have gotten comfortable, while I wasn't completely satisfied, I liked my life the way it was. The hardest part about change, you never know exactly what will happen. What your friends will do next, or what...
  3. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'Well. Built a new computer. Feelsgreatman.jpg'

    16GB of ram for those who are wondering. Installed a new cooler. Idle at 27C usually. Does great in cities skylines!
  4. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'Well. Built a new computer. Feelsgreatman.jpg'

    Thanks. I actually tried cable manage this time lol.
  5. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'Well. Built a new computer. Feelsgreatman.jpg'

    1.It was close to 1200. 2. I got microcenter to price match mine from 105$ to 90$.
  6. doughmay

    Well. Built a new computer. Feelsgreatman.jpg

    So this weekend I was finally able to build my newest Rig. I decided to sue an unorignal name and call it Delta B5350. Pretty plain IG. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Asus Strix ROG B350-F Gaming MOBO Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHZ (Running at 2133MHZ, need to OC it) Gigabyte Aorus extreme gaming 1060 6GB...
  7. doughmay

    Oh wow. It's my birthday today.

    Hey, it's my birthday today (October 8th). :toot::toot: OK. welp. Bye :3
  8. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'Me as a person, and what I have learned.'

    Took the test, apparently, I am ISFP-T Otherwise known as "The Adventurer" Guess that's pretty accurate.
  9. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'I just Finished the Clannad Anime!'

    After Story had me shook. Just tears, so many tears. But in the end, I loved every moment watching it!
  10. doughmay

    I just Finished the Clannad Anime!

    Well, today I can finally say that I completed the Clannad anime series. I watched the original as well as after story. Lemme just say... WOW. SO MANY TEARS. This anime is just one thing after another. Sometimes upbeat, sometimes very sad. I love this anime to death for its story. I cried so...
  11. doughmay

    Catch-up on my life I guess.

    So for those 0 of you who have been wondering where I have been, well here is an update. Currently I am using mobile for this post so I'm going to try my best to make it look nice. So to start, I do not have a computer to use as of late. My desk I have been using has gotten a bit unstable and...
  12. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'Tomato's Dream Journal #2'

    Lucid dreams are interesting to say the least, but the one I had was very memorable. It was very challenging for me to get into a lucid state.
  13. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'Tomato's Dream Journal #2'

    Sleep walking must feel very weird if you remember what happened. Ever Lucid dreamed before?
  14. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'I found something very important to me today.'

    Oh, that's too bad. My fondest video game memories were on Game Cube, it had some great games! Hopefuly one day you can get new copies of games lost.
  15. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'I found something very important to me today.'

    Pokemon channel is a pretty plain game but it is interesting, and you should play it!
  16. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'I found something very important to me today.'

    I dumped my DS pokemon save games. After some of the pins broke on the cart.
  17. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in 'I found something very important to me today.'

    I have Pokemon channel in my collection. That game was the best, might've been boring but for child me, it was perfect! Especially the squirtel shopping channel!
  18. doughmay

    I found something very important to me today.

    This is a random post but I found my copy of Super Smash Bros melee! I love this game to death! I had lost it years ago and wanted to play it on multiple occasions but couldn't find the Disc for it! I found it today cleaning my book shelf. My shef used to be a shared space between games and...
  19. doughmay

    Comment by 'doughmay' in '[Possible trigger warning...] Rare seriousness from yours truly. Need advice.'

    Reading this made me relate in some ways. I went through a break up, it was my first one, or at the least the first relationship where I actually felt like I loved someone with all my heart. When we broke up, it was shattering, unfortunately for me, I had to be around my family, my family didn't...
  20. doughmay

    Denver Comic Con 2017, my day at the con!

    Hey! So yesterday, June 30th 2017, I went to the Denver Comic Con for one day with my friend, usually her and another one of her friends go for three days but one friend had to work and the other still wanted to go, so they invited me. We didn't end up going until 2 in the afternoon due to some...
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