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    Trump and his border problems and other issues

    The Trump administration CONTINUES to hold children in cages at the border: I just wish Biden was our president as there is NO WAY he'd stand for any of that!!!!111 If he was president, he would house all of...
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    Hacking Question Ghosts 'n goblins Resurrection and SXOS cheat problem

    Not sure where to post this so mods, feel free to move it wherever. When I'm in Ghosts n Goblins and hit the home button then hit the album button (so I can access the SX OS cheat menu) I get a white screen. I can get back to the main Switch screen to resume my game but it seems there is...
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    Hacking RELEASE SX OS 3.0.4

    Don't see it posted elsewhere but looks like SX OS 3.0.4 has been released: Support for Switch firmware 10.1.0 SX OS is now fully compatible with the latest Switch Firmware 10.1.0. Bug fixed in 'genuine boot' functionality. Last update we introduced 'genuine boot' for SX Core/Lite users. We...
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    Hacking Question What's the secret to installing NSZ files with SX OS?

    Using SX OS 3.0.3 OFW 10.0.4 No emunand, just SX OS on my SD card I have a 512GB FAT32 MicroSD card and I'm trying to install a 5 gig NSZ file. I trimmed the name of the NSZ file down to a few letters .nsz Since I can't copy the NSZ to my FAT32 microsd card, formatted 2 thumb drives as exFAT...
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    Hardware Where to buy New 3DS XL Galaxy battery cover?

    My daughter has a New 3DS XL Galaxy. (Bought it several years ago) I was removing the back cover to get at the MicroSD card and cracked it slightly. Where is a good/reputable place to buy a replacement cover? I just need the the rear cover. If it's purple, awesome.... but if I can only get a...
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    Hardware USB Y cable for self powered HDD on switch, is that possible?

    Maybe my Google-Search-fu is failing me but I wasn't able to locate any threads on this. All searches returned stuff for the Wii U, despite me putting quotes around 'Switch'. So what are people using to hook up hard drives to their Switch? With the Wii U, we all used those 'Y' cables so the...
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    Hacking Any good reason to keep XCI files around?

    I've been super banned so I loaded DevMenu and tracked down NSP versions of all the XCI games I had. Now, everything is loaded onto the main Switch screen. At this point, is there a reason I should keep my trimmed and non-trimmed XCI files around? Down the road, if T-X (or somebody else)...
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    Hacking Question White boxes for all DLC when installing via SX OS 1.4

    I grabbed some DLC from that other site and copied it to my SD card. When I go into SX OS and try to install it, they're all white boxes. I don't want to brick my Switch by installing invalid DLC.... is this behavior normal?
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    Gaming Minecraft weirdness, which version?

    So the trimmed XCI Minecraft is almost 900 megs. Minecraft NSP is 450 megs. Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition NSP is 500 megs. As I'm moving from XCI to NSP for all my titles, I have no idea which version to install so I can keep my save games. Any ideas?
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    Homebrew Question Is there an NSP explorer?

    So I have a ton of NSP files and I think some are EU and others US. Is there some sort of viewer that can look inside these files and give me more detailed info? Like I have Minecraft,nsp and Minecraft Switch Edition.nsp?! I plan on moving from XCI to NSP and I'm wondering if I need to match up...
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    Hacking Is there a way to delete XCI files from the SD card from within SX OS?

    Otherwise, I need to: 1) power off the Switch 2) remove the SD card 3) delete the XCI in question 4) Tinfoil jig/hook Switch to computer and get back into SX OS Lots of steps to just nuke a single file. If T-X would add a file manager, or a simple way to delete backups from the SD card, that...
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    Homebrew Question Best trimmer for Linux?

    I recall reading a post about a certain trimmer having a bug of some sort that made trimmed roms incompatible with SX OS. I used XCI Cutter (2.2? I think) to trim a few roms then moved over to Analog Mans XCI_Trimmer because he had a Python3 version which let me use it in Linux. Should I...
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    Recommend a place to order the SX Pro from that isn't ModChipsDirect

    I went ahead and canceled my batch 1 SX Pro order with MCD because I'm tired of the non-stop bullshit delays. I had zero faith in them getting my order out in a timely manner. I know that I've effectively reset the block and everyone is back-ordered but I'm fine with waiting another few weeks...
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    Hacking Nintendo's E3 presentation was such a let down, so glad I ordered the SX Pro!

    So 5 minutes of new games and 30 minutes of Smash Bros.?!?!?!?! WTF was that all about? "Lets introduce you to every character...... now, lets introduce you to every characters special ability........... now, lets introduce you to every characters wardrobe........ now, lets introduce you to...
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    Hacking How to fix GC compatibility?

    I have a Wii that I used ModMii to hack a LONG, LONG time ago. I installed (I think) some sort of DIOS MIOS .WAD file so I could play GC games from USB. Everything was working perfectly for quite some time. Eventually, my kid and I grew tired of the Wii and left it sit for a year or two. Kid # 2...
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    Hacking Game updates, Brazil hack and should I remove TubeHAX?

    With the new USB loading hack going on, I see that the Wii U scene is coming back to life. Since I haven't followed things very closely, I'm jumping in and while I'm having no issues, I just had a few questions. 1) I installed a game to my USB drive with no issues. It works perfectly. But, how...
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    Hacking Nintendo financials equals no better time for hacking the Wii U

    Sure, the Wii made Nintendo a BOAT load of cash but that well is dry. After seeing this, ....I wonder what changes are in store for Nintendo? My daughter loved her Wii U at first but...
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    Hardware Playing games from USB HD possible?

    Been searching for 48 hours now and haven't seen this question asked or answered. (Or maybe I suck at searching?) But, with the day 1 system update to the Wii U, is it possible to copy games like Mario Bros. U to an external USB HD and PLAY it from that USB HD?
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    Gaming Zelda SS turned my Wii into a Kindle!

    Is it just me or does it seem like you do more reading when playing Zelda SS vs. actually PLAYING? I mean mother f*ck it's regoddamndiculous how much reading you do in this game. Since there doesn't appear to be a way to skip these long winded, boring speeches from people (other than holding 'A'...
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    Hacking A tale of two Wiis

    I would appreciate any and all help on this..... Wii # 1 can play backups (via Wiiflow) of Spongebob Boating Bash and Scooby Doo Spooky Swamp. Wii # 2 can't play either of those games. ALL other games work just fine. The odd thing... Wii # 2 *USE* to be able to play both games and then one day...
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