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  1. ofDragons

    Hacking Question Is this okay to do?

    Is it okay to go online on a modded Nintendo Switch when you boot in synand?
  2. ofDragons

    Hacking A Server communication Error Has Occured

    My modded Nintendo Switch wasn't loading my game (that's a cartridge) so I decided to go back into regular mode and delete it/redownload it because that fixed it last time. The thing is though, it won't connect to the internet anymore, is it banned?
  3. ofDragons

    Hacking Question Unable to start Software

    Hey everyone, when I try to start a game it says "Unable to start software. Return to the Home menu and try again" - any suggestions on how to fix this?
  4. ofDragons

    Gaming Pokemon Sun/Moon No Music Code?

    One I'm using got patched, need a new one
  5. ofDragons

    ROM Hack With the Recent Banning is This Safe?

    Is it safe to dump/randomize Pokemon Sun/Moon and play it on your 3ds?
  6. ofDragons

    ROM Hack PkHex QR Code Not Support Nicknames?

    Does the PkHex QR Code tool support nicknames? I've done two and both came out with the default name for the Pokemon :/
  7. ofDragons

    Hacking How do I Auto-Boot in Lum3ds?

    Found a .cia save manager so homebrew isn't really of any use to me anymore, so was wondering how can I just auto boot into luma3ds and start managing my saves right away? Right now I have to hold the down arrow and then I'm booted into Homebrew, then I gotta click luma3ds
  8. ofDragons

    Homebrew Unable to Play Online on Luma3DS All of a Sudden?

    I've been able to play online just fine while being on Luma 3ds but now I'm getting this error code: 002-0119 telling me i need to update my system in order to play online. How do I fix this without ruining homebrew? Can I literally do a system update while being in luma3ds? I'm currently on...
  9. ofDragons

    ROM Hack Interested in Paying Someone to Set Up a Pokemon Randomizer for My Upcoming LP

    Hey guys, To keep this short and simple I need someone to make me a custom randomizer for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for an upcoming LP I'm starting on my channel. Reason I want someone else to do it is because I want to know as little as possible about the game so my reaction can be genuine. Just...
  10. ofDragons

    ROM Hack Looking for the Best ORAS Hack?

    Looking for a good ORAS hack that's similar to Neo XY, if there is such a thing. If there's not, whats the next best thing? Randomizer Nuzlocke? Thanks, ofDragons
  11. ofDragons

    Homebrew Homebrew vs. Gateway? What Can I Do Now w/ Homebrew?

    I already have a gateway for my N3DS and then I have my always-up-to-date old 3DS where I play bought games. I saw that you can download homebrew to the latest firmware so I thought to myself "what the heck might as well do it before it gets patched". After downloading it and whatnot, I have no...
  12. ofDragons

    ROM Hack [Question] How to Play GameBoy ADVANCE Games on 3DS?

    I installed Pokemon Glazed on my N3DS through ___ and when I went to load it up, all I got was a black screen. Is there some sort of emulator out there?
  13. ofDragons

    Hacking Are N64 Games Possible on N3DS Through gateway?

    Was just wondering
  14. ofDragons

    ROM Hack [Question] How to Add a Virtual Console Game to 3DS 9.5.0-22U Without RXTools? OR With Gateway?

    I really want to do the ROM injection exploit but I can't get a virtual console game from the eShop without updating my system. Is there a way I can import a virtual console game using gateway? or something
  15. ofDragons

    ROM Hack [Question] How do You Get Virtual Console Games on 3DS Without Updating

    My 3DS is on firmware 9.0.0 and I want to ROM inject pokemon crystal but I don't know how to obtain a virtual console game without updating my system to use the eshop.
  16. ofDragons

    ROM Hack [Question] How to Play GBA Games on N3DS With or Without Gateway?

    I'm really eager to play pokemon crystal on my n3ds, is it possible with gateway? or a different method that doesn't include gateway?
  17. ofDragons

    Hacking How Do You Play .nds Games on Gateway on N3DS?

    I know you use the blue cart but what do you do with it?
  18. ofDragons

    Hacking Black Screen After Booting Gateway Mode?

    Finally got cubic ninja, I launched gateway on my N3DS 9.0.0, backed up system nand, updated firmware, and when I try to launch gateway mode with my red cart, it just gives me a black screen
  19. ofDragons

    Hacking How to Add Gateway 3.2.2 to a N3DS 9.0.0?

    Is there a tutorial out there?
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