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  1. ddetkowski

    Hacking Updating a already hacked Wii

    Haven't touched it in years but used Modmii and ran games off a USB drive. Anything I need to do?
  2. ddetkowski

    Hacking Possible to play both wii and GameCube games using only the SD card?

    Any help would be great. I haven't updated my soft mod since 2012 and used to play off an external hard drive. Thanks in advance.
  3. ddetkowski

    Misc Wii WiFi signal strength app?

    I use my Wii alot for online games, WiiMC, etc....., and was thinking why someone has'nt come up with this idea already? Like an app you run from HBC?
  4. ddetkowski

    Hacking [Fake] CFW 3.60 is out! full PSN team ferrox
  5. ddetkowski

    Hacking CFW 3.55 and PS1 Downloadable games?

    Just a quick question, Am using CFW 3.55, with multiman, no internet connection at all. I know you can purchase PS1 titles to play on the PS3, but is there a way to get that game/title without going thru PSN? I'm looking for RE2...... Any info would be great, thanx..
  6. ddetkowski

    Hacking CFW 3.55 advantages over 3.41?

    I'm using PS3key and 3.41 and playing games off int. and ext. drives, & Gaia Manager. What I would like to know is: What are the advantages, if any, to use CFW 3.55 by Geohot? And if downgrading back to 3.41 is possible?
  7. ddetkowski

    JDownloader links not automatically working anymore

    So, for the last year, I've been using Jdownloader for all my games, and today, 10/11/10, around 9:30 AM, all of my Megaupload and Hotfile links are no longer automatically downloading, as they used to. Anyone else out there having issues like this? I read this...
  8. ddetkowski

    Gaming Virtual Console Cheats?

    Is there such a thing? I'm playing Zelda 2 and wondering if VC games can be played on the Wii with cheats?
  9. ddetkowski

    Hacking WiiWare Problems on a softmod

    Ok, Here's the deal: I have softmodded my friends Wii twice now. #1 - He's deaf, and has the mental capacity of a 10 yr old. #2 - The DVD drive is dead. #3 - He constantly plays / downloads Wiiware games as channels on his menu. Its NTSC, system menu 4.2U, I did the "modify any wii" guide by...
  10. ddetkowski

    Gaming 1 PAL game I can't get to work correctly!!!

    OK, I use discs for all my games..... I can play virtually any PAL game but this one. I get a black bar across the top of the screen, 3 inches high, 2 inches from the very top. And it stays there. I can play the game, mind you, but the bar stays there. My system is NTSC, 3.3U, cIOS38 rev14...
  11. ddetkowski

    Hacking getting DVD read error 1020 and 1054 using discs

    Just did the Sticky: Modify any Wii 4.2 & below and did Everything sucessfully. (NTSC at 4.2 from store) Now, any DVD backup I try, I get those errors from a Neogamma channel or Neogamma from HBC. Same with Softchip 99 and 100. Tried running games from USB, play fine. I believe this Wii has...
  12. ddetkowski

    Hacking PAL games on NTSC Wii problems.........

    Ok, heres my problem: On some PAL games I'll get a black bar in the top portion of the screen. I'm using Neogamma R7 and R8 rev 11,12,13,14,15, tried ALL of the region settings, video settings, can't make it go away.... Other PAL games work fine, some settings need changing, some don't, games...
  13. ddetkowski

    Hacking CSI Deadly Intent Problem

    Has ANYONE got CSI Deadly Intent to play after choosing the first mission title? I have a NTSC (USA) Wii, cIOS38 rev14, hermes 222/223 merged, system menu 3.4, Neogamma R8 beta 7,8, Neogamma R7, Wiiflow, USB loader GX, CFG USB loader, tried ALL of the diff. settings in each, 002 fix on/off, alt...
  14. ddetkowski

    Gaming CSI Deadly Intent problem........

    Game will load with Neogamma R7, Wii-ish force NTSC w/002 fix, when you select the first mission, blue screen, 002 error appears. Wii is NTSC, system menu 3.4, cIOS38 rev14, Hermes 222/223 merged also. ALL of my games load fine (100+) from either DVD or Ext hard drive. This one is a new one, its...
  15. ddetkowski

    Hacking Reports of this game not loading...

    I'm getting info from other sites saying "Casper's Scare School: Spooky Sports Day PAL Wii ISO Compressed" is not loading by either disc or USB loaders. If anyone has success with this working, please post and with your settings also. Have'nt tried the game myself, just an FYI.........
  16. ddetkowski

    Hacking Soft Mod question for Guitar Hero 5 NTSC

    If using IOS patcher can be used to load certain games off DVD, like HOTD 2 & 3, could'nt it be used for Guitar Hero 5? Or, if you have the image, use Wii scrubber to remove certain wads/files? Or is it embedded in the software programming? Just a curious cat...............
  17. ddetkowski

    Hacking Problem with Real Heroes Firefighter

    I get to a certain part of game and an error screen pops up, please shut off power to the Wii, an error has occurred, my Wii is NTSC, the game is NTSC, using Neogamma R6 as a channel, all my games are on DVD-R's (100+), cIOS38 rev13b, also using Wii-ish Force NTSC with 002 fix as a channel...
  18. ddetkowski

    Hacking G-Force PAL and NTSC will not play past the "new game" optio

    cannot get G-Force PAL and NTSC will not play past the "new game" option. Has anyone got this to work? Both PAL and NTSC won't go past the loading screen when choosing new game. All other current games play fine, Ghostbusters, Wii Sports Resort, etc.... NTSC Wii, softmodded with Neogamma R6...
  19. ddetkowski

    Hacking Can't get game to load....

    I can't get this game to load. it stops at a loading screen and sits there.(it has the game name on screen), Neogamma 6, have gotten ghostbusters, etc. to play fine, this is an older game, just won't load. The Wii just hangs there, no sounds, my Wii is NTSC, game is NTSC, have looked in...
  20. ddetkowski

    Hacking Resident Evil Archives wont load problem....

    Anyone got it to work? Mine hangs at the green screen, or it will play in B & W only (the game is PAL, and has been scrubbed). Am using Neogamma 3 with IOS249 rev 7. also tried IOS36 rev 5 no luck. Most of my games are PAL, and Neogamma 3 with IOS249 rev 7 will play anything, including...
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