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  1. JustChillin1414

    Hacking Error: firm1.bin is invalid or corrupted?

    I'm currently trying to install arm9loaderhax using Plailect's guide. I was able to downgrade to 2.1.0-4u just fine, but when I transferred all the files from the guide to my sd card and booted into the installer I get "Error: firm1.bin is invalid or corrupted." I have tried multiple sd cards...
  2. JustChillin1414

    Looking for a VOIP app

    I have a unique situation I need help with. Basically this is the setup, I live with my cousins, we like to play online games together with my brother. Me and my cousin are in the same room, and my brother is living elsewhere. I want an app that would allow me to mute my cousin without muting...
  3. JustChillin1414

    Hardware Mini ITX Gaming

    Oh hey look, another PC building thread... I'm looking at building a mini itx machine for gaming on the big screen (instead of a console). I'm trying to make it as small and cheap as possible while allowing 1080p gaming and emulation. The link to my part list is here, if you have any...
  4. JustChillin1414


    So, I'm not too happy with myself. I had my road test on Tuesday and I failed. I turned left in front of someone who was going straight, thought I had enough time but the instructor didn't think so. Although I totally annihilated parallel parking and the rest of it. It sucks so much.. I have to...
  5. JustChillin1414


    Hey guys, I'm here to (re)introduce myself. I have been dormant for awhile but I've been active/lurking for about 6 months. I used to go by Wilabob, maybe some people will remember that name now about me: I'm graduating next year and I live in a small town in BC, Canada. After graduation I'm...
  6. JustChillin1414

    Tutorial How to Backup and Play Backups With Multiman

    Okay, my first tutorial, let me know if you have any suggestions. MULTIMAN INTRO The first step is to get custom firmware, this has been outlined in other guides and is fairly easy (you MUST be on firmware 3.55 or lower.) For this tutorial I will be using 3.55 kmeaw (the best custom firmware...
  7. JustChillin1414

    Hacking Transfer Save Data

    Well, basically me and my bro started a save file for castle crashers and I want to be able to play my character online on my account. I transferred the save files from my user and his to my usb drive and I tried replacing my save with his and it says, the data you are trying to copy is another...
  8. JustChillin1414

    Hacking WAD Creator error 1017

    Background info: I'm trying to get sneek working. I have the nand working and I can load games, one thing that isn't working for me is installing the HBC. I recently uninstalled cIOSCORPS and all cIOS and then restored the TB and installed all my cIOS back. My problem is when I try to dump the...
  9. JustChillin1414

    Hacking UNEEK+DI Install problems :(

    Well, I've tried for two days to get SNEEK working and it just isn't cooperating... I have bootmii installed as boot2 and homebrew ect. The problem is that I get a black screen on boot. So to install SNEEK I used NUS Auto Downloader. Here is what I did: 1. s + enter 2. 3 + enter 3. ud + enter...
  10. JustChillin1414

    Gaming PSP 1001 Charging Light Blinks But No Battery Power

    OK, at first I thought it was just the battery but I went and got a brand new battery and the same thing happens I can turn my psp on using the charger and when I put the battery in the orange charging light blinks. I have checked all the contacts and they all touch. Basically my problem is I...
  11. JustChillin1414

    Gaming Recommend Local Multiplayer FPS or RPG

    I'm looking for any FPS or RPG wii games (Wiiware or Disk games) that have local multiplayer. Can you recommend any?
  12. JustChillin1414

    Homebrew Moonshell on SC DSTWO

    Hi everyone! I just started using moonshell on my dstwo to play my music. I can load moonshell just fine, I select my music... and the problem begins... It takes about 20 secs to load one song Obviously, this isn't practical. The memory card I'm using is a Sandisk 16GB micro sd on my DS Lite. I...
  13. JustChillin1414

    Hacking AKAIO 1.7.1 Cheats now working...

    Hi, everyone. I just updated to 1.7.1 to fix DQ IX and it works using the cracked version But now the cheats won't work. I dragged the contents of the update to the card and overwrited the existing ones (_aio and akmenu4.nds) Then I downloaded the latest cheat db from here and installed it. I...
  14. JustChillin1414

    Hacking DSTWO plugin menu extra files

    I have a problem... When I boot my DSTWO up and it gets to the plugin screen I see the actual plugin example: GBA Emu and I also get a file that says . _gba.plg so I end up with the picture of the plugin then a blank space and then another plugin and another blank space ect. Is there anyway to...
  15. JustChillin1414

    Hardware Fuzzy Vertical Lines Across Screen

    Hi, I have just encountered this problem recently. I have tried my hd component cables and the original cables that came with the wii. Basically what happens is this block of (what almost looks like static but the colours don't change) moves from the middle of the screen to the top and start...
  16. JustChillin1414

    Hacking Metroid Prime Trilogy: How to play multiplayer?

    Hi, I recently got Metroid Prime Trilogy. I figured out the alt dol method and I can play Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime Echos and Metroid Prime 3 using the alt dols. But I can't figure out how to play the Metroid Prime Echos Multiplayer as seen in the menu. Can anyone tell me how to play the...
  17. JustChillin1414

    Hacking Rawk SD Help

    Hi, I'm on firmware 4.2 via wianikoko's updater, I ran the patcher with no problem and I'm using USB LoaderCFG to play Rock Band 2. Every time I try to play an imported song it gives me an error saying .... is out of date and cannot be restored to wii system memory. Is there any to fix this?? Thanks
  18. JustChillin1414

    Hacking NDS Slot One Fix

    Hi, I opened my bro's ds because his slot one's contact points were bent. I fixed that but I'm not sure how to put the cartridge loading mechanism back together. I have four pieces. A spring, a plastic piece, a metal piece and a staple looking thing. I know where every piece goes except the...
  19. JustChillin1414

    Hacking Rock Band Drums Compaditibility

    Is there any homebrew that makes the rock band 1 drums compatible with any of the guitar hero games eg. Smash Hits and World Tour? Or are the rock band 1 drums already compatible? If there isn't I think this would be a really cool homebrew project. Let me know.
  20. JustChillin1414

    Hacking Any Way to Make Wii More SD Compaditable?

    Hi, you may have seen my recent post about sd card problems and I was wondering if there is any way to make the wii more sd compatible. I'm sure the hackers could do something to make this easier for everyone. Just wondering if there is anyway willing to make this happen. Thanks
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