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    Hardware my newly modded GBA

    I was bored so I decided to upgrade my GBA Backlit mod glass lens paint job (bulldog adhesion promoter, and krylon) I'm done and I like it.
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    Hacking I got a flash cart I know nothing about

    I bought a flash cart from a guy on craigslist yesterday and I haven't tried it yet because I don't have a gba yet. It's label says XG Flash 128, it came with the linker and usb cable only, no driver/software disc to speak of. Does anyone know about these and how they compare to the other gba...
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    Hacking IS there anywhere to get a decent priced GBA flash cart?

    I know the EzFlash IV's are a rarity these days to get your hands on, but are there any other decent carts out there that can still be had relatively cheaply from a reliable vendor? I'm rocking with an SP now but I want to be able to play from a cart.
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    Hacking trouble saving with a CycloDS and 3 in 1 plus

    I'm having trouble getting save files to work on my 3 in 1 plus. These are the tools I'm working with DS Lite CycloDS Evolution w/ firmware v1.54B2 GBA_ExpLoader v0.58b I've first tried saving in Final Fantasy VI Advance and then in Final Fantasy I&II Dawn of Souls, both via the in-game menu's...
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    Homebrew I need help with my Roms

    I am learning how to use Clrmamepro. Sometimes when I scan my NDS rom collection Clrmamepro will find discrepancies with a Rom archive. Sometimes It's a CRC error/mismatch or within the .zip file there will be an extra folder that is unneeded. I try to extract the file and rezip it but then I...
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    is Bitgamer any good?

    I've seen a few people mention Bitgamer being better than Blackcats. Does anyone have a spare invite they can toss me?
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    Hacking Cyclods MicroSD

    looking for a Cyclods MicroSD slot 2 card. I need a good US retailer, does anyone know of any?
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    Hacking CycloDS Evolution + ???

    I have a Gold Nintendo DS Lite and a CycloDS Evolution (third batch). I'm looking for advice on which Slot 2 card would be best to compliment my set-up. I know very little about slot 2 cards so far so I look to you for advice and guidance. These are my needs in order of importance. 1...
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    Newbie here

    Hey everyone, at the moment I'm the newest member here at I recently got a flash card for my NDS Lite and I wanted to learn more about Homebrew. This seems to be the best place to go, so here I am. Thanks
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