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    Hacking Question Atmosphere won't finish booting after Switch logo

    I have followed all the steps outlined in to put Hekate and Atmosphere. I have used the latest versions and I believe my folder structure is correct. After bootking hekate and trying to load Atmosphere I get the sequence seen in this video. After the Atmos...
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    Gaming Plugin outdated for MHP 3rd patched in english?

    I'm trying to play the 2.0 version of the english patch of Team HGGs, but I don't know why only a few parts of the game are translated and it looks WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY different than the original one. I think it may be a plugin issue, as I have an outdated version of it called...
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    Hacking Updated supercard SD/MiniSD patching soft?

    Well, the soft hasn't been oficially updated since April from last year, so is there any scene update for the patching software? I'm tired of missing new releases like zelda because I can't patch them myself and I gotta wait for a working version...
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    Gaming I'm sorry another Zelda thread

    Has anyone been able to play the game on an old supercard SD?
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