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    Homebrew System transfer from Clean 3DSXL to Hacked New 3DSXL

    Hello, long time no see! I have recently purchased a Hyrule New 3DSXL from Gamestop, and was lucky enough to get a model with an IPS screen. I have hacked the system, as I would like to load some GBA games onto it and this was cheaper than getting a flashcart for my GBA SP. That said, my old...
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    Hardware Wii disk drive error, tells me to eject disk and shutoff wii

    So just recently (today) my wii Started to have the following error An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc, then turn the Wii console off and refer to the Wii operations Manual for help troubleshooting Now this error no longer shows up, and when I put a disk in my wii...
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    Hacking Need help (re)installing wads, won't work for some reason

    So I've been having trouble with my GH5 hacked dlc and yadaya, so I tried uninstalling the wad and then reinstalling, but I have run into a problem when reinstalling it. When I use the wad manager v1.4 I can't load wads using the IOS249 (it freezes when trying to mount the SD slot), and if I try...
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    Hacking Guitar Hero 5 (hacked store) DLC problems

    I have followed the instructions here ( and installed the DLC wad fine and everything, but recently when I try to download songs I get the error code 204036 and I can't download any songs, but there is...
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