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    Misc Is exFAT still problematic?

    First ever actual explanation I've seen. Thanks. Not that it'll make me change to FAT32, but now I at least know what'll happen etc.
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    Misc Is exFAT still problematic?

    This is the sort of thing I'd like to have explained a bit deeper. People always just type this sort of thing. I've used Atmosphere since RCM became a thing. What problems does it cause?
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    Misc Is exFAT still problematic?

    But who has actually encountered a problem? I use exfat and have done always. My friends all use exfat. Not a single one of us has ever had any problems, whatsoever. I won't cliam to know much about the topic, so my question is genuine. I always hear people say exfat is a really bad idea, but at...
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    LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga gets new trailer, confirms launch window of Q1 2022

    This is a completely new take on the movies. It's not a copy paste of the levels for the first six films.
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition announced, will get PS5 and Series X upgrade

    And more important, it's going to have one paid DLC: Horse armor.
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    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD leaked prior to release, port uses partial emulation tech

    I've come across several games that require the touchscreen, so that's not true. The latest I've played was this one:
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    Gaming Nintendo Switch Online List of ALL games?

    You should give Goof Troop on SNES a try, preferably with a friend. Good game!
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    Gaming Nintendo Switch Online List of ALL games?

    NSO isn't only comprised of "nice selections" :)
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge announcement & gameplay trailer

    Would love to know when it's going to be released. Looks great.
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    PlayStation State of Play broadcast Feb. 25, 2021 - roundup

    At this point, I'm more interested in when the hell they are will announce the march bunch of PS Plus games...
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    Homebrew RELEASE MissionControl: Use controllers from other consoles natively via Bluetooth

    @ndeadly First of all, thank you for the effort. It's great and I use it with PS4 controllers. Works like a charm! I commented back on your first release, that I had a knockoff WiiU Pro controller, that I wanted to use, but it wouldn't sync. It still doesn't. It works flawlessly on WiiU of...
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    Gaming Am I the only one who isn't enjoying Demon's Souls?

    I'm not enjoying it no, you aren't the only one. The primary reason I'm not enjoying it, though, is that I don't own it.
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    British Man gets real-life ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Bionic arm

    Would rather have the arm from Bionic Commando.
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    Gaming PS3/360 "port" Wishlist

    Do you mean duology? Anyway, the Portal games would be fitting on the Switch.
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    Hardware Are people serious about "Switch 4K"?

    I think you'll be having a hard time finding a decent tv that won't deliver 4K and have multiple HDMI inputs :)
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    Gaming When do people think we will have access to the Mario 3D Allstars NSP or XCI?

    At least nsp converted from xci is out in the open now. Just spotted it.
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    Gaming When do people think we will have access to the Mario 3D Allstars NSP or XCI?

    Do we know if it requires the new fw? I would assume it doesn't...
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