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  1. przemo_one

    Autobleem kernel flashing on non verginized console PSC

    My console have few modifications. Some internal games are added and almost all are replaced. First I had BleemSync then Project Eris. First I uninstalled Project Eris using UNINSTALL flag. After that same with BleemSync (reverse order). I didn't restore kernel (still Project Eris one) and any...
  2. przemo_one

    Hacking Is my Wii hardmodded?

    Hi, I bought an old generation Wii. First thing I did was update it to 4.3E. I was able to install BootMii in boot2. It can read dvd-r. My cIOS version are: cIOS 249 base 56 v10 beta53-alt; cIOS 250 base 57 v10 beta52. USB loaders are on sd card. I burned a backup game from the 2007 the...
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