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  1. thelivingtedd

    Hacking PS3 Slim 3.86 Hen Boot PS2 Disc?

    I’m hoping to boot my PS2 games on my PS3 with HEN. Hoping tomorrow I’ll be installing Irisman Homebrew But honestly I don’t know how it’ll work. Will I be able to create ISO files of my game through the homebrew onto my external SDD? I mean tbh I use a public library. So my options are...
  2. thelivingtedd

    Hacking CFW/Luma Everything installed No Homebrew Channel

    Made an irrational decision and formatted my sd card. Was able to boot Homebree but no files opened. I need to fix this. Please help.
  3. thelivingtedd

    Homebrew 3DS Bank Folder Selector misplaced all my Homebrew APPS

    Not even sure where to find my homebrew channel anymore. Folder 0 has nothing in it. Anything I can do? This is probably a newb mistake.
  4. thelivingtedd

    Hacking Soft Brick 2DSXL after Failed Mod

    My buddy tried modding my 2DSXL. He used a tutorial from Youtube of a most recent mod. Once he got the the Black screen where you initiate the boot sequence I believe. The 2DSXL turned off and wont reboot. I can remember checking the files in the folder, and one wasnt even unzipped before he...
  5. thelivingtedd

    Hacking Is there an Acekard 2i firmware update for New 2DS XL

    Ive downloaded a few games on my acekard 2i to play on my ds lite. However i read on the acekard site the cartridge is compatible with the 3ds. Is that still true if i have the most recent version of 2Ds? And will i be able to download 3DS roms or will i only be able to play my original games on...
  6. thelivingtedd

    Hardware If I jailbreak my PS3 slim, will I still be able to access my downloaded games?

    Ive got a total of 66 ps1,2,3 games. Since i believe they are klink to the store via license. Will that be revoked if i jailbreak? This the the deciding factor. Thanks
  7. thelivingtedd

    PS3 Upgradable to PS4 True?

    I've recently discovered a youtube video thats gotten a lot of attention. Claims through safe mode and a PS4 disc. You can upgrade your console to a PS4 but you can't go back. Hes shared video proof of not only that, but playing XBONE games through the PS4 with a minor USB hack. Here is the...
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