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    GCN POLL: Have you hacked your gamecube

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    GCN POLL: Have you hacked your gamecube

    Where did you buy it? Laserbear? They are pretty expensive just for an eastatic add-on, did you find a cheaper one?
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    GBAtemp 2021 Giveaway Raffle - prizes announced

    Nice prizes, hope I'll be one of the lucky ones!
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    Gaming Just wondering is any one having issues with Skyward Sword HD?

    Press y just before you use those items while aiming towards the TV and it will be good.
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    Hardware Can a GBA game burn?

    Can't see the picture. Though, even without that, sounds like he is scamming you.
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    Gaming What is the best Wario land game ?

    Virtual Boy Wario Land is the best by far, just not easy to be able to play on original hardware.
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    GCN Complete Guide to GameCube Exploits

    Easiest way to get a hacked save game on your memory card is to use a Wii. That is how I have done it. Took me about 20 minutes to softmod the Wii and get the savegame on my memory card.
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    GCN found a new gamecube hdmi adaptor

    And it is going to be very expensive with customs fees and all that, better just buy the well known brands close to home.
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    GCN Memory Card Best and easy to use guide with all steps written down. My advice is to go with the letterbomb option.
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    GCN Has there ever been a "Homebrew Launcher Disk" for GameCube??

    That sounds like a way worse solution than just use my GCN with a digital gcvideo based converter. Wii dual is very expensive, need to solder it and on top of that doesn't go higher than 2.4d fw.
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    GCN Has there ever been a "Homebrew Launcher Disk" for GameCube??

    While it is true that it works, the vWii quality is blurred and zoomed compared to the GCN/Wii modes. Also, you'd have to buy a Wii U if you didn't have one already, including the GCN controller accessory. You can get a DV plug and play converter for the GCN for $/€50 nowadays that is perfect...
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    GCN Has there ever been a "Homebrew Launcher Disk" for GameCube??

    If you want to play GameCube games on a modern TV, the Wii is a bad choice since it doesn't have digital video output. The GCN does and is way better to play games with on a HDMI TV.
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    GCN How to update the older Kaico hdmi adapters to GCvideo 3.0e

    Nevermind, worked in the end, was pebcac, had to retrain the remote lol
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    GCN Need Help With GCLoader

    Maybe share with the people here what your issue was, so that other people with the same issue can use your knowledge?
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    GCN Need Help With GCLoader

    I would be a bit less offensive against the guy making these. I have one as well and works perfectly fine. I am wondering if @blinky87 contacted the seller first before going here? He is a very helpful person in my experience. Looking at the FP I am assuming blinky hasn't yet.
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    Mario 3D All Stars Announced

    It has been said that speed run glitches have been patched out, so there is hope for more improvements!
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    Hacking Super Mario 64 Port For Ps Vita ....

    How did you fix it? Haven't gotten into installing it yet, but if I do get into this issue, would be nice to have a solution! Thanks in advance!
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    Hardware [Help] Vita stop recognize all cards (SD2VITA & Original)

    Vitashell is installed on ur0 on my Vita, so it is possible.
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    Hardware [Help] Vita stop recognize all cards (SD2VITA & Original)

    If you use this guide: it should install it on the UR0 folder. That way you always have access to VitaShell which is pretty much your most important app to troubleshoot.
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