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  1. GoldBanjo

    Hacking After installing some custom themes(lockscreen?), I can't boot to the main menu in atmosphere

    I think i installed a corrupt theme or lockscreen. I removed the program I used for installing it (nxthemes installer latest version) and the themes off of the sd card via my pc but im still having problems. the logos for atmosphere pop up but then it goes to a black backlit screen. Also is...
  2. GoldBanjo

    Hacking Help reviving an old r4 SDHC gold pro 2017 with timebomb on it

    Back in 2017 I bought the card and at some point used ntrboot by flashing it to my card.Is there a way to undo this so I can just use it as a regular flashcard for DS games? I know twilight++ menu exists but last time i played tetris ds and similar titles some of them were unbootable. any help...
  3. GoldBanjo

    Hacking Small issue after updating kosmos on emunad to latest firmware

    I was using kosmos and with the emunand on AMS8.0.1 I was fine accessing the homebrew menu. I updated the firmware for it up to 9.0.1 using choidujourNX updater in combination with the official firmware files for 9.0.1 and everything updated successfully and now says AMS9.01. However now...
  4. GoldBanjo

    Hacking emunand issues

    I used this guide for reference (since the .guide domain pointed me to it) I have a non patched console (XAW1 low number) and went through the emunandCFW path using my samsung evo 256GB micro SD card. I installed tegrarcmGUI...
  5. GoldBanjo

    Hacking a somewhat odd issue I am having after updating luma to 9.1

    so I decided to update luma 9.1 in preparation for the new 11.8 update. After the update i reset the 2ds and the touch screen calibration was so off I couldn't open any of the tiles on the screen. buttons also do not work or if they do work they need to be held for a few seconds to work at all...
  6. GoldBanjo

    Hacking accidently may have updated fireware with 2.1 verson of luma updater installed instead of 2.3

    would this have any negative effects? I had and have the latest stable luma 9.0 CFW but didn't have the latest version of the luma updater channel. I forgot if it said 2.1 or 2.3 before I updated the firmware version to 11.7.0-40U from the offical nintendo popup nagscreen.
  7. GoldBanjo

    Hacking batch install CIA files

    I have a lot of cia games im looking to install. when i used wii u's wup installler it Queued the files up for unattended installation. does 3ds's fbi (or any other) have a similar function?
  8. GoldBanjo

    Hacking reinstalling streetpass mii plaza

  9. GoldBanjo

    Hacking possibly screwed up big. (old3dsxl)

    I had a 9.2.0U old3ds xl sysnand I was tying to setup arm 9 loader hax. since luma3ds cfw seemed to not be working and people said it was even better. Now after putting the old3ds in system recovery mode I then mistakenly updated to 11.3 ( I thought it was brick and panicked). The odd thing is...
  10. GoldBanjo

    Hacking pokemon y card to flash card save game transfer

    For the longest time I have been playing pokemon Y on its own cart, having never setup online header for it on the sky3ds+ cart now. I now have that and want the save file to move over to my flashcard so i dont have to relie on the header. i tried svdt but it didn't show any save data on pokemon...
  11. GoldBanjo

    Hacking missing all the os specific addresses

    when I am trying to load loadiine gx2 i get this error: "missing all the os specific addresses" Am I forgetting something? i tried a search but can't an answer in the threads.
  12. GoldBanjo

    Hacking gba vc games not working on lumaCFW?

    originally i tried manual installation o 3dnus patched agb firm in auereinand. now ive upgraded and wrote over with luma os the successor. however I can't seem to get gba vc cia's on my emunand to actually play, and instead get "an error has occurred turn the system off and on again". I've got...
  13. GoldBanjo

    Hacking im stumped

    since the default homebrew menu is clunky i installed gridlauncher through one of the menus included in emunand9. how do i make it so that rxtools 2.6 shows up on gridlauncher menu? i tried the rxtools.dat being in the root of my sd card but that doesn't seem to work. every other app is fine.
  14. GoldBanjo

    Hacking help my ocd

    so everything works fine and i know how to use private headers with sky3ds+ but i made two stupid mistakes. first off i took my dump of pokemon y and went online with it only to update the "holo cast" update (I wasn't thinking it was connecting to the actual online nintendo network). After that...
  15. GoldBanjo

    Hacking [REQUEST}] working mirror of the latest version of no ban no sky

    all links from are dead. please and thank you.
  16. GoldBanjo

    Hacking looking for a reliable sky3ds resseller

    i'd prefer it not be based in china as I was ripped off by a chinese company last time buying gateway. i checked but the reviews appear to be years out of date. thanks
  17. GoldBanjo

    Hacking quick question about borrowed Smash Brothers disc

    I misplaced my super smash brothers brawl disc and had to borrow one from gamestop. Now that my console (5.4.0) has the homebrew channel installed on my Vwii, is there any further use for it or can I just return it now and wait to clear out my room to find my original copy :)
  18. GoldBanjo

    Hacking help with deciding best method of hacking for what i want to do

    So I finally decided to get back to modding my "old model" 3DSXL (though honestly due to a defective gateway red flashcard that I got scammed from I never really started much). I made sure that i bought the old 3sx from a retail store (this was in early 2015 btw), and found out I was on an...
  19. GoldBanjo

    Hacking Luanch error on 4.0 hacked updated firmware SD games

    I just tried installing cios 8 and got an error and I also think i might have uninstalled a wii ios by accident using wad manger. I used IOS downgrader but it didnt fix it. what about using CIOSCORP?
  20. GoldBanjo

    Gaming does this wifi card work for model 1001?

    cos mines broken:
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