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  1. haaskub

    Hacking Is running CFW soley off emuMMC emuNAND essentially ban-proof?

    How about Incognito on emunand ?
  2. haaskub

    ROM Hack RELEASE Fe 60 FPS mod

  3. haaskub

    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    How to change game languages ,it’s always start from French? Thanks
  4. haaskub

    Homebrew Discussion Open Source emunand very soon!

    What’s difference with SX OS emunand
  5. haaskub

    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    Waiting for MelonDS 0.8
  6. haaskub

    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    Does overclock cpu/gpu/ram improve speed?
  7. haaskub

    Homebrew RELEASE PPSSPP Switch Beta Release

    Try to delete retroarch-core-options.cfg and try again
  8. haaskub

    Hacking Question Delete users, after being banned

    Go to nintendo account on website and deactivate
  9. haaskub

    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    This is the best way for Psx -Google it for psx bios for psp and rename to SCPH1001.BIN, then put it in folder retroarch/cores/system -in game press +- option>Region PAL -settings>video>threaded Video ON -settings>driver>menu driver rgui
  10. haaskub

    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    Psx Audio fix just change region to PAL right?
  11. haaskub

    Homebrew WIP [Official] switch-lan-play

    Does Mario party work with 4 players?
  12. haaskub

    Tutorial How to use LayeredFS for Backup Loading + What Games Work/Don't

    Does DLC work with LayeredFS?
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