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  1. Mama Looigi

    Is this some kinda sick joke?

  2. Mama Looigi

    How is smoking still legal?

    Edit: I titled it wrong, it should be more along the lines of “How is the selling of cigars/cigarettes etc. still legal?” I mean… it causes a ton of diseases (Cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease like asthma, diabetes, COPD, and it increases risk for TB, eye disease, immune system...
  3. Mama Looigi

    Oculus' Application SpaceWarp technology now out on Quest

    Oculus has just released their newest Oculus Quest 1/2 feature, Application SpaceWarp, which allows up to 70% higher performance in any Quest application. The standard values for VR are 72, 90, and 120hz. This new technology works by running an application at half framerate, and the software...
  4. Mama Looigi

    Oculus Quest Facebook account requirements to be removed

    Due to some legal trouble- most notably with a legal battle in Germany- Meta will be removing the requirement to have a Facebook account on the Oculus Quest headsets within the next year! Meta haters rejoice!
  5. Mama Looigi

    Q4 2021 News (Headset announcements, FB name change, and more!)

    I made that PSA, and this thread is show tell you why. I’ll be covering all of the latest and greatest VR/AR announcements from October to December aka New Years Eve * * * October 15th, the HTC Event: First off, we have HTC announcing their new VR headset, the Vive Flow This is meant to be a...
  6. Mama Looigi

    One lawless person

    If there was one person who never had to abide by the official laws of any country their entire life, what could they theoretically accomplish?
  7. Mama Looigi

    PSA: Regarding buying a VR headset right now. (Updated)

    Sept. 28 2021 It is in everyone's best interest to avoid buying a headset right now. Why?: For the last few months, there has been patent after patent from Valve and Oculus for new VR headsets. Many third party companies are joining the VR industry and are working on releasing their own...
  8. Mama Looigi

    Resident Evil 4 VR discussion What are your thoughts? Are you excited for its release?
  9. Mama Looigi

    VR Essentials (Software)

    Games or tools, what do you find necessary? I’ll be compiling all of them and making a list as these threads usually go. Essential (15+ votes) Worth considering (10+ votes) Noteworthy (5+ votes) Oculus TrayTool +1 OpenVR Advanced Settings +1 Boneworks +1 Half Life: Alyx +1 VRchat +1 The...
  10. Mama Looigi

    AMA: Mama Looooigiii

    Ask me whatever your heart desires ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
  11. Mama Looigi

    Your anime top 3’s

    Name here, your top 3 favorite anime shows and/or movies you’ve watched. If it’s too difficult, you can do a top 3 for specific catergories. For example: Battle Shonen: 1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 2. The Seven Deadly Sins 3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Comedy: 1. The Disastrous Life of...
  12. Mama Looigi

    Doggo time ▼・ᴥ・▼

    If it’s not a cat, it might be a dog. Dog pictures here!
  13. Mama Looigi

    Cat chat!

    Cats, cats, all cats and nothing but cats here!
  14. Mama Looigi

    Headsets, headets.

    I personally own the Oculus Rift CV1 in late 2017~, and the Oculus Quest 2 in 2020. Why do I only own Oculus headsets? Well fun fact: Oculus was an amazing innocent company before the Facebook acquisition :p What headset(s) do you have? When did you get them? If you have multiple, which is...
  15. Mama Looigi

    SlimeVR Surpasses Crowd Supply Goal in Under a Day

    Yesterday a kickstarter was put up on Crowd Supply for SlimeVR, an open-source fullbody VR tracking kit being developed independently by Eiren Rain. The set goal was $180,000, but less than 24 hours it had raised well over $300,000. What makes SlimeVR unique? What makes SlimeVR different is...
  16. Mama Looigi

    Four cats

    The end. All made by me. Four cats.
  17. Mama Looigi

    Joe’s Compilation

    Share your Joe’s here! I’m sure some of us have noticed there’s such an over abundance of places named “Joe’s” And if the degenerates are wondering who Joe is, it’s fucking me case closed. Anyways Share yours!
  18. Mama Looigi

    Simulator games and you

    I’m curious as to why some people only really play simulation games. For those who do, do you really just enjoy doing whatever tasks the game has over and over? There’s a wide variety- Lawn Moving simulators, Farming simulators, Truck Driving, Aircraft piloting, simulators made for law-breaking...
  19. Mama Looigi

    One permanent age

    If you could choose to stay one age forever, what age might you choose? You would continue to age mentally, but your body would never undergo the affects of aging Lastly, you must choose an age you have already been in your lifetime. For example if you are 50 years old, you can only choose an...
  20. Mama Looigi

    I found the solution to EOF trash

    As we all know The EOF has been declining in quality for months I found the best way to solve this issue Step 1: Look in the mirror Step 2: Ask yourself- “Am I funny?” If you fail either of these instructions, or if you succeed and the answer is no Please refrain from posting in the EOF...
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