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  1. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming Skyward Sword system Update

    Isnt it that on the backside of the box there is always a warning, if an System update is part of the game? I checked all my original games and it seems to be true, Skyward has exactly this warning " A system menu Update may be required to play this game": http://www.nintendow...a/28289/4/2.jpg...
  2. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming Battlefield 3 RF XBOX360-XPG

    Battlefield.3.RF.XBOX360-XPG General Information Release Date...: 2011-10-25 Filename.......: Battlefield.3.RF.XBOX360-XPG Type...........: GAME Platform.......: Xbox 360 Region.........: Region Free Retail Price...: $59.99 Game Info Prepare for full-scale war with Battlefield 3, the third major...
  3. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming SPOILER ALERT Xenoblade: A question to one of the last maps

    Don't read if you didn't finish the game!
  4. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming Xenoblade: Where to find the freaking last skill books for Shulk

    Sorry for reposting this, but I couldn't find any Informations about where to find the last Skill Books. I'm at and all my "normal" sword Skills (for example back slash) are at Level VIII, I want X :/
  5. ManFranceGermany

    Youtube Subscriptions, down?

    Im getting a "500 Internal Server Error" am i the only one?
  6. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming eShop Game rating |world wide?|

    The ratings I see in the 3DS eShop, are this only the German ratings, or from whole Europe, Europe + Australia and New Zealand, maybe even Europe + North America?... or is it world wide?
  7. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming NES VC Games. The A B Y X Layout Button problem

    The 3DS Buttons are arranged like a SNES-PAD right? So why the hell, do this ********* at Nintendo don't rearrange the layout for the NES VC Games? how can I run and jump at the same time with A+B on an arrangement like on the SNES/3DS ? It must be Y + B, like for all SNES/DS/3DS Games. I could...
  8. ManFranceGermany

    Xenoblade Chronicles PAL WII-ABSTRAKT

    Xenoblade Chronicles PAL WII-ABSTRAKT
  9. ManFranceGermany

    Hardware After how much time the 3D "WOW Effect" vanishes for you?

    Since I got the Ocarina of Time I begin to play a bit more than 30 - 45 Min. at a stretch. However, this made me realize that this "deep 3D" or "looking into another world" if you wanna call it this way, vanishes. Thats happening for me after around 1 and a half hour. Sure its still different...
  10. ManFranceGermany

    Hardware Hallo Deutschland:3DS for 174€! No need to wait

    first of all, Im not associated with this Shop in anyway! I was searching a 3DS for my brother for his holiday trip. He didn't wanted to wait till 12 August, but also not pay the full 225 - 249 € which most shops in Germany take. I found on " shopping" the 3DS for 174€ (5€ more than on...
  11. ManFranceGermany

    Resident Evil 6 Logo

  12. ManFranceGermany

    Wanna know who stole your credit card informations?LulSec exposed

    lulsec, the guys which hacked PSN and many others, were hacked by a group called A-Team u can find the names of this guys, Fb informations and some chat protocols: let them rot in hell
  13. ManFranceGermany

    Rumor: Wii U 50% More Powerful Than PS3

    Source mh... If this is true (and this would be typical for Nintendo in the last Years, to not boost Specs, but use some kind Innovation) its technically not really good news, but oh well, its around the same boost as from Gamecube to Wii(50%), which was not bad. I suppose Sony and Microsoft...
  14. ManFranceGermany

    Air France 447 Rio - Paris Crash |New findings

    Today, almost 2 Years after the crash, the Investigators could rebuild the last Minutes on Board of the Flight between Rio de Janeiro and Paris. All 228 people on Board died. Summary: Last Minutes Graphic: Download Report in English,German,French and Portuguese (Bea Servers were at...
  15. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming Nitendo DS Lite Clones

    I found some days ago reports about clone DS Systems from China, apparently they play all DS and GBA games, but the case has a lower quality. Well, I wanted to ask if someone could give some more informations or maybe links? I mean, they clone the ARM Chip of the DS Lite? Maybe some images of...
  16. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming Wii got dirt cheap!

    I saw today in Cologne the white Wii with Wii Sport + RemotePlus for 99€ Media Markt has the Mario Kart pack (Wii + Wii Wheel + Wii Sport and Mario kart) for 119€ some weeks ago most shops sold it for 199€ so if you live in Germany and you don't have a Wii, you should really get yours now
  17. ManFranceGermany

    Gaming [WiiWare] FAST Racing League Trailer

    fWlFi3zbOz0 really impressive what this guys can make out of 50 MB. Jett Rocket is still one of my favorite WiiWare games. Coming out in EU on 27 Mai and in US on 30 Mai.
  18. ManFranceGermany

    Nintendo Briefing Video in English sorry if it was posted before
  19. ManFranceGermany

    Am I the only one which gets Headache from playing FPS games?

    gosh, Im in my mid 20ties, I dont wear glasses and Im in great health, but whenever I play FPS games, I get bad headache. Its like I need to see the person I play, cause with all other Games I have no problems and before someone asks, no I have no problems playing with the 3DS. I tried to play...
  20. ManFranceGermany

    PlayStation 3 passes Xbox 360 worldwide

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