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  1. RikiGrunt

    Hacking Ez-Flash Omega cheats not translated for Pokemon Fire Red/Emerald

    The current file from ez flash omegas website for Pokemon Fire Red / Pokemon Emerald in the English cheat library is not translated properly, therefore its not able to be played with cheats correctly. I am not sure how to reach out to them but if someone knows how to let me know. Currently Leaf...
  2. RikiGrunt

    Hacking Boot Atmosphere using Android?

    Just curious if they're is a way to boot Atmosphere using Android device? My PC is down atm and currently using Android for payloads.
  3. RikiGrunt

    Homebrew Nsp Vs Xci: Which is better? safer?

    new to the hb community and i use nsp more than xci, i was curious if there was a difference? is xci safer? its like a game cartridge correct? i use airplane mode regardless just in case of ban but still.. just curious.
  4. RikiGrunt

    Hacking Question Error installing certain NSP files

    When installing a NSP, sometimes i get "please turn airplane mode off when appropriate for your surroundings" code. I turned it off so i wont connect to the servers and other nsp's work fine. Any advice? im using goldleaf & goldtree 0.5
  5. RikiGrunt

    Homebrew Question Error error 0x291 When installing certain games

    Hello everyone thanks for your time :D im trying to install 2 particular games. 1. Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden & 2. Child of Light: Ultimate edition for my switch and these error codes keep popping up for me. (error 0x291) i am using atmosphere 0.92 with goldleaf 0.6.1 and goldtree 0.6 as...
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