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    Hacking Dragonboot for Atmosphere / generic rcm tools

    I made a modified version of dragonboot for atmosphere / generic RCM dongles. Dragonboot is a payload that loads a payload from SD card - so you'd never need to update the injector, just the SD card. I went one step further and changed the directory from \dragonboot\payload.bin to...
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    Homebrew Luma 3ds, trying to migrate to a new SD card, 3ds not seeing installed apps/games

    I followed this guide and have luma 3ds and godmode9 installed and working fine, as well as have installed a bunch of CIA's and everything works. I'm looking to upgrade to a 64gb SD card. *EDIT* I found a solution that worked for me, might work for you. Most the...
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    Hardware Can you used hackable switch to upgrade unhackable switch NAND

    I have a bit of an odd question. I've used this tutorial to successfully upgrade 2 NAND's on 2 hackable switches to 256gb My question now is, can I use a hackable switch as a "nand reader" to create a backup from and then upgrade the Nand's of...
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    Hacking [WIP] Nintendont HID Config Wizard - Create controller ini files effortlessly

    HID config wizard is a program to assist in creating controller.ini files for using HID controllers with nintendont. Just plug in a controller, click one button, and then press the controller buttons one by one while prompted. Simple! THINGS I NEED HELP WITH (PLEASE READ) The following ini keys...
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    Hacking Nintendont / Wiiflow pairing with Intec Turboshock (dualshock ps3 clone)

    I have this controller from forever ago, that appears to be a ps3 controller clone: I heard that ps3 controllers (OEM ones at least) are compatible with nintendont, but i could not find clear...
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