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    Hacking Acekard 2i stuck on loading on some games

    I have a transcend 8gb class 6 card and for some reason it gets stuck on the loading screen for some games. It's not the Acekard it doesn't seem like, I used another 2gb micro sd card i had and all games worked fine. Is this a loader issue or are there cases where sd cards don't work for all...
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    Tutorial Modify ANY Wii 4.3 & below

    I'm also getting the -2011 error at the second step of TBR. Looks like the downgrade to 15 isn't taking. I followed the steps exactly.
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    Wii #0529 - Dairantou Smash Brothers X (Japan)

    As long as your at firmware 3.1, the update will not semi-brick your console, only the two channels, this is my understanding anyway, I did the 15% trick for the single layer, but swapping for dual layer would be a hassle, I might just update it 100%.
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    Hacking SSBB not working on my Wii

    Also got an issue with a friends' wii here. I'm using the 15% update trick to not get the duplicate channels. But for some reason the disc with update works on my wii but doesnt on his. We got it modded at the same place, both with 3.1U and 1.9g firmware. I checked his wiikey settings region...
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    Gaming Brawl Intro video

    No there was also MARTH! also Lack of Jiggs
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    Hacking Couple of issues with my DS

    I'm just wondering if there is a way to get the dirt and crap out from the clear plastic and the white plastic in the bottom corners of my DS. My second issue is that I dropped (d'oh) my dslite on my kitchen floor, no damage was done to the outside but the touchscreen is now a little off to the...
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