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  1. Ugothacked

    Hacking Less Battery Life with A9LH

    A new battery will cost you 5 bucks on ebay!
  2. Ugothacked

    Hacking How many paperweights have created A9LH?

    So far I installed it on 3DS and no issues, 1 N3DS US, 1 O3DS US, and 1 N3DS JP
  3. Ugothacked

    Hacking Guitar Hero Live custom songs???

    It would be awesome if we could add new songs
  4. Ugothacked

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Hello, I have a Paper Mario gateway save (.SAV) and no longer have my gateway card, I was wondering if anyone could convert it for me so I can use it with a eShop version of it
  5. Ugothacked

    Hacking Documenting the Gfx2 (.gtx) format

    Cool, nice to knwo
  6. Ugothacked

    Hacking [Help]9.1J New 3ds to A9HL

    I did it with my 2 N3DS Jp, they were both on 9.1 and worked perfectly
  7. Ugothacked

    Hacking CIA users: what's your favorite title manager?

    FBI 2 as well, it shows process, has network support, QR code and much more!
  8. Ugothacked

    Hacking N3DS 10.7, Gateway, what are my options?

    Just downgrade to 9.2 and stay there
  9. Ugothacked

    Hacking Should i keep my New 3DS version 10.5

    I actually just downgraded mine a few minutes ago from version 10.5 back to 9.1
  10. Ugothacked

    Hacking After A9HL what do people do with their Gateway3DS carts?

    I have 2 systems, I installed A9HL only on one of them, and use my GW with the other one, I like having it because its much easier copying .3DS to it instead of downloading and installing .CIA
  11. Ugothacked

    Hacking R4i SDHC 3DS stuck on loading scrren..

    Make sure to have all the R4 files in it, and also make sure that its the correct format, your phone might had used a different format
  12. Ugothacked

    Hacking Gateway booting directly to emuNAND

    Thats exactly what I do, I turn it on and after a few seconds im in GW emuNand
  13. Ugothacked

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Quick Question guys: I have 2 N3DS, one on 9.1 (which it came with) and then the other with 9.2 (Downgraded from 10.3) Both have Menuhax, and have the same files in the SD card (like the 3ds folder). On the 9.1 I can access the eshop using that little app that comes with the starter kit, and i...
  14. Ugothacked

    Hacking Downgrade 10.3 + Gateway NVRAM: Will it brick?

    How does one do this?
  15. Ugothacked

    Hacking [Guide] Change emuNAND Region

    So I have a Jap N3ds, if I were to change region to the U.S. Would my street plaza appear as if I was from the U.S. Or Japan?
  16. Ugothacked

    Hacking Save data questions

    SaveDataFiler is used to extract the same (if it is present) so if its not there then it wont help
  17. Ugothacked

    Hacking Config.cia not installing in BigBlueMenu

    If you guys need the pack contact me as well, I'll be glad to help
  18. Ugothacked

    Hacking Updating 3ds and GW question

    It is true, works with 9.2 and below, I would say to stay on that version and run the game in classic mode so it doesnt need to update
  19. Ugothacked

    Hacking Will my gateway work with an imported new 3ds?

    You will need cubic ninja/ocarina of time that's the same region on the console Edit Also depends on the firmware the console is on, must be 9.2 or below
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