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  1. Dahlia098

    Homebrew Black Screen When Exiting The Homebrew Launcher

    Hello. I accidentally updated from 5.5.1 to 5.5.3 (lmao) and I thought that I've lost complete access to homebrew. However, thankfully, I was wrong. The only app that I can no longer use is Loadiine though. But that's not the case now. My problem is that, everytime I enter The Homebrew Launcher...
  2. Dahlia098

    Hacking About Error #001 on vWii...

    I tried to start a custom Wii game on vWii, but in USB Loader GX it would get me Error #001: 'Unauthorized device has been detected' I tried to play it on WiiFlow, but it got me a black screen. Later I found out that the game could be played with Hermes' cIOS 222, however those cIOS'es aren't...
  3. Dahlia098

    Hacking Some Wii games won't start at vWii's Disc Channel.

    I don't know if this is the right thread so correct me if I need to move. Some games like Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl will get me a black screen when starting them from Disc Channel. However they start fine from USB Loader GX and from the Wiimmfi Disc Patching homebrew program...
  4. Dahlia098

    Hacking R4Crypt won't work! ~ with detailed mini-story

    First of all I'm sorry for the long text! It's just that I feel I have to tell everything so I can get the most accurate responses as possible in how to solve this problem. Thank you. After searching through the internet I found that I may have a R4i clone card. It is called "R4i3D 2014" that I...
  5. Dahlia098

    Hacking About PSVITA production

    Hey, i'm planning on getting a PSVITA for christmas, and i know its production has stopped, but i want to know if i buy it will it be at OFW 3.60? I want to hack it, since i live in Brazil and things are damn expensive (especially games). Please respond me for real. Thanks in advance.
  6. Dahlia098

    Homebrew RetroArch Wii U cheating

    Hello, i'm using RetroArch (with the XMB menu) from Homebrew Launcher, and i'm playing GBA games, and i want to know how to cheat on games. I'm playing Pokémon Emerald Version and i completed the game. Can someone help me?
  7. Dahlia098

    Homebrew Using cheats on Loadiine GX2 with custom Virtual Console games

    Hi, i am playing a custom VC game, Pokémon Platinum Version in Loadiine GX2 (pretty sure that i'm using the latest version), and i want to use some cheat codes on the game. Is it possible? Also i want to learn how to use pygecko because i turn it on but nothing happens when i start a game.
  8. Dahlia098

    Homebrew Error when installing Animal Crossing from Wii U USB Helper

    Well, i have the game iso in my computer so i just brought it to the program and then THIS happens. I've just entered the game's folder that the program created and it haves a folder called "workdir.tmp". The error mentions a folder called "workdir.tmp2" with the archive ticket.bin. But this...
  9. Dahlia098

    Is it possible to get Just Dance Wii U WUP version?

    Well, i've got a few weeks ago Just Dance Wii U (from the japanese series) for Loadiine GX2. But then i wanted to play it on my Wii U in my USB with CFW (i didn't bother to activate Mocha every time i started the console). I tried to get it with the UTikDownloadHelper, but when it appears the...
  10. Dahlia098

    Gaming the start button doesn't work!

    when i go to my R4i3D since then in the left down bottom there is a "START" button. Before, i has the acess to the START menu now i press the START button and doesn't show the START menu someone help!
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