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  1. mike a

    Homebrew Going to sound absolutely stupid here

    Ok, so almost a year ago my 3ds got a lil wet in a crazy freak florida rainstorm. Was in a plastic bad that unbeknownst to me had a small hole in it. The battery got fried. So finally I got a new battery, a new charger (old one got rusted from ocean air over time). Now when I use my 3ds, on...
  2. mike a

    Review Old reviews/games of the week

    A long time ago, there was a thread on this site reviewing different he's generally for older systems. It had a huge list of games you could click on and read about them. I had found this cool atari homebrew game that was an rpg, and even had a save system built into it. Was wondering if...
  3. mike a

    Hardware 3ds is acting weird

    Alright, sometimes when I turn on the system, and just after the icons load, the screen scrolls all the way to the right to the end of as far as you could scroll. And when I try to scroll back left to my games, it'll just scroll right back all the way to the right. Just does it here and there...
  4. mike a

    Hacking Flashcard won't read

    I have an r4i sdhc flashcard. Never had trouble with it before. On the homescreen it shows the card as Bomberman touch. Nothing different. In God mode 9 it sees it as the same. But when I open it up the screen turns white and says no game card inserted. What's goin on. It just started...
  5. mike a

    Hardware Top screen in 3ds might be going bad

    So I've had my 3ds for probably 3/4 years now. Haven't turned it on in a few months. So I turned it on last night and the whole left side of the top screeywas dark. But left it on for a bit and it started to look normal again, but then the middle of the screen had parts that were a little...
  6. mike a

    Gaming Since you guys probably know the video game scene better than me

    Well I know Nintendo already said no more first party games. But, earlier this year shakedown Hawaii, and shovel Knight King of cards were postponed, to iron out the bugs in them. Think they are just going to cancel them? I could've sworn shakedown Hawaii was already submitted into the eshol...
  7. mike a

    Gaming Mobile vs. 3ds

    So, my 3ds has a sticky r button, don't worry I ordered the part off Amazon, and know how to fix it. But, since my 3ds was screwed up, I said why not and got a $10 Google play card. Well there's lots of kinds of games on mobile not available on 3ds, like Western RPGs and 1st person RPGs. Got...
  8. mike a

    Hardware Slightly water damaged console

    Ok so I live in Florida and it's rain season now, and I was at the beach with my 3ds in my backpack and got caught in some rain. Got slightly wet, here's the gist of it Motherboard: fine Buttons... R button turns itself on quite a bit and then takes awhile to turn off Y button if pressed, stays...
  9. mike a

    Homebrew Some injects you might wanna know about

    So while surfing the net I discovered that Sega cd injects are are real. And... On some ISO site somewhere, you can get room hack injects. Lots of various Zelda ones too btw. But... Yes... Sega cd injects exist now
  10. mike a

    Gaming Tetris

    So I was wondering if either of the tetris games are any good... I remember seeing pics of one of them on freeshop and I was like meh.. but who knows. Btw do they have 3d on them
  11. mike a

    Gaming Ironfall Invasion question

    So when freeshop was around I got ironfall Invasion and I remember downloading the dlc on freeshop. When I open the game it won't let me play saying I have to purchase or re download the campaign mode or multiplayer mode. So what do I have to do
  12. mike a

    Homebrew Emulator question

    Well I was wondering if there's a way to play like the light gun (nes), superscope (snes), and whatever sega has on an emulator and how do you control it. And besides duck hunt, gotcha (nes) what games are good that use those guns
  13. mike a

    Homebrew Save game manager

    Well, just was wondering what you can do with one, why it's needed, and what's the best one, since there's tons of them
  14. mike a

    Homebrew CIA requires seed

    I got a few CIA games that requires a seed, I have the seed, but how do I install them lol.
  15. mike a

    Gaming Anyone know when these games get released

    Whenever I look for these games release date it always says TBD... OK shovel knight; king of cards Shakedown Hawaii Timespinner
  16. mike a

    Hardware Battery life sucks

    I have a n3dsxl that I've had for at least 2 years, and it seems like the battery doesn't last as long. It seems to last about 3 hours now, not sure if some games drain the battery more than others but been playing Jewel quest and I can't see how that game would be a battery hog. Usually I'd...
  17. mike a

    Homebrew System won't update

    I have tried to update 4 times now and I have the latest stable version of luma installed, it says error code 003-1099 am I banned from updating I don't get it. I am updating through the eshop
  18. mike a

    Homebrew Making cia files and updates question

    Well I've decided to upload my games to the cloud since I only have a 32 gb card so I can free up space if needed. So I make a cia of frogger, and in my data management, it shows I have an update in the update section, but when going through all my installed titles in godmode9 it doesn't show...
  19. mike a

    Gaming Puzzle and dragons

    Well I love puzzle quest games, just wondering if this is anything like them. Is there a story? Is the gameplay anything like puzzle quest? Do you level up your character? Is it match 3 and you have different abilities?
  20. mike a

    Gaming Dsi ware games

    Well now that freeshop is gone, how do I get dsi ware games. I got some in. Nds format but they didn't work, if I got them as CIA format will they work? And would it store them with the other dsi ware games or put them in with the 3ds games
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