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  1. slimbizzy


    you just found out you have this super power where you're able to make any piece of text a famous quote. which piece of text do you quote first?
  2. slimbizzy

    easter ass

    so there was this kid on easter, a happy kid. and he decided to put easter ears on his head cause it's his favorite day of the year. he had a long night before easter, so he ended up falling asleep during class with them on. some big fat meanies came over and glued the ears to his head. when...
  3. slimbizzy

    national donut day

    so it's national donut day apparently, according to my SRO. and i thought it'd be fun if i asked gbatemp what their favorite donuts are. i like apple fritters, there's so much flavor in one bite!
  4. slimbizzy

    Now tell me.

    Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?
  5. slimbizzy

    Skills you wish you never had

    So, lots of people think that skills are always good... Well, they aren't. In this thread, you need to tell everyone your skills you wish you DIDN'T have, or ones you wish you never learned. My skill that I wish I never learnt to be so good at is lying... (It's gotten me in so much trouble...
  6. slimbizzy

    post a picture of your pet

    i want to see pictures of your pets. because i am wanting to see pictures of your pets. thank you for understanding. this is my dog. his name is pepper. no you can't have him.
  7. slimbizzy

    Suggestion Add EpicGames contact details

    I personally think EpicGames is popular enough to deserve it's own contact details option, and from what I know about HTML and CSS, it shouldn't be that hard to add in another line, pretty much just copy and pasting some code here and there. Something like this ^^^ (Obviously, don't remove...
  8. slimbizzy

    Gaming My PC setup and build

    So I wanted to share these, because I have the ability to. I should stop talking now though since I like to talk a lot when I make threads, it's like I have so much to say! Anyways, first up is my personal PC build/setup - So, we got the display, right. And it's nothing too special, just a...
  9. slimbizzy

    Make and MOVIE into a game

    okay lets try this again. if you could turn any MOVIE into a game, which movie would you pick? i'd pick sausage party and make it into a gta clone. are you happy now veho
  10. slimbizzy

    Make any game into a movie?

    If you could turn any game into a movie, which would you pick? Bonus points for listing extra detail!!
  11. slimbizzy

    PeaPoDD's Debut (ALBUM RELEASE)

    README.TXT Hello! Name's LiL Pea PoDD. (You guys know me as Tom Rannd) I've only been making music for a week now, and think I'm pretty darn good at it. I would love some feedback(good and/or bad) too! All of these are sampled loops and melodies, free for use in both personal and profitable...
  12. slimbizzy

    Tutorial [GUIDE] How to swap textures on Mario Kart 7

    How to do a texture swap on Mario Kart 7 (Thread best viewed in Dark-mode or Just-black) This guide will teach/aid you(hopefully) on how to change the textures on Mario Kart 7! (this guide is mainly going to teach you how to change course textures, but the same concept applies to character...
  13. slimbizzy

    Hacking Custom R4 theme

    Hi guys. I made a theme for the R4 card or TWiLight Menu++ I guess. Whichever you use, this should work. If it doesn't... Well you have something wrong with your DS probably most likely. Anyways, this is what it looks like. I call it... "simpleR4" because when I use the themes on TWiLight...
  14. slimbizzy

    intense question thread

    when you look at a pillow, do you think about the future of that pillow? do you think it will have a good life? do you consider the fact you took that pillow from its kids? perhaps you just burn the pillow. perhaps you put the pillow on your bed like it's nobodies business. maybe you even just...
  15. slimbizzy

    best pick-down lines.

    we all know about a pick-up line. those are designed to pick you up. but what if we want to pick down? what do we do? well, some people would just say fuck you. but no, some are very special people and they either require special attention, or on your side you need to be clever because you are...
  16. slimbizzy

    talk in rhyme. do it or die......m?

    to talk in the thread you need to tread with these flows or else you will not get that blow, yo. yeah, talk with the flow, so you can glow, then i'll let you know if it is appropriate for those hoes- no being a douche because that is not cool. and when you fight here, keep it under a lid. or i...
  17. slimbizzy

    Gaming i want ctgp7 mods >B(

    i want all the ctgp7 mods. that means characters, maps, karts, songs, etc. you got them send me to a place where i can get them. i already have everything hosted on gamebanana! thanks you. (i have no clue if me asking this, is against the forum rules(regarding warez and shit) i don't think it...
  18. slimbizzy

    News from the future.

    The year is 2025. Nintendo has officially cut off all official development, and support for the Nintendo 3DS line. We have riots breaking out all over the world, specifically in Japan. The world is seemingly fucking up, once again. 2025 rolled snake eyes, just like 2020 did. The handhelds are...
  19. slimbizzy

    rate my setup.

    rate my setup.
  20. slimbizzy


    Alright, so I've been looking around here on GBAtemp for about a month or two now. And I've noticed some weird threads, like, little polls or some sorta things. We got things like the "Things you recently bought or got" thread and the "Favorite movie" thread and it just keeps going right? Well...
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