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  1. Real.96

    Hacking Decrypt Wii nand dump on Linux

    Solved: I have a little question about Wii nand decyption on Linux. I'm following this guide, Linux section: The problem is that the 3rd command doesn't seem to decrypt the nand.bin...
  2. Real.96

    Homebrew Question Can't extract NCA file from .nca folder

    I'm trying to extract a nca update file from a .nca folder with a single 00 file inside. I downloaded last hactool.exe release and used this command: hactool -k foldername/prod.keys -t nax0 --sdseed=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --sdpath="/foldername/folder.nca" --plaintext=game.nca...
  3. Real.96

    ROM Hack Can't fully load Pokémon HeartGold assembly with IDA

    I'm trying to load the entire assembly of Pokemon HeartGold in IDA 6.8, using the nds.lwd ( I exctracted all rom files using .Net 3DS Toolkit 1.4.6 (, decompressed the arm9.bin using armdec.exe...
  4. Real.96

    Hacking RELEASE NXController - Use PC keyboard to play Switch games (Windows/Mac OS/Linux)

    I'm glad to announce you this fantastic app, developed by wwwwwwzx! NXController will let you play your Switch games using your PC keyboard. It takes advantage of sys-botbase, a great sys-module made by olliz0r, which also lets you to read/write into Switch RAM or run scripts. Requirements...
  5. Real.96

    Homebrew Switch Input from PC?

    EDIT (CFWless solution): I was able to control the Switch via keyboard using Joycon Droid (, Android 9 needed) + scrpy ( EDIT2 (SOLUTION)...
  6. Real.96

    Homebrew Ctr-httpwn doesn't work on 11.3 anymore?

    Is ctr-httpwn server down? Because i'm getting "Haxx setup failed: 0xffffffff. An error occurred" I've got A9LH + Luma and i'm trying to run it from the Homebrew Launcher Loader. EDIT: Solved updating luma to last hourly version
  7. Real.96

    Hacking Can't return to Home Menu (no reboot) HBLoader on emuNAND

    I've got a N3DS XL with A9LH, EUR sysNAND and in the same SD card JAP emuNAND. On the sysNand if i press Start and then X i can succesfully return to the Home Menu wihtout rebooting. While if i try to do this on the Japanese emuNAND, the 3DS freezes. Is there a solution to avoid the freeze? I...
  8. Real.96

    Hacking Little question about Region Changing with A9LH?

    I would like to set Eur, Usa and Jap region in one single 3DS. I made the A9LH installation 2 days ago on my EUR New 3DS XL. Do i need to set up 2 emuNAND (Jap and Usa) in other 2 SD cards?
  9. Real.96

    Homebrew Installing A9LH made a little error in Section VII - Reinstalling Tickets

    I installed A9LH and everything went good. Now i was following the Section VII - Reinstalling Tickets. I made an error in the point 8 Press (B) to decline installing tickets from CDN. Instead of pressing B i pressed A. What do this install?
  10. Real.96

    Hacking NTR on a Korean 3DS?

    Is there a way to run NTR on a 3DS with Korean region changed emuNAND?
  11. Real.96

    ROM Hack Fix clock changing Legendary lock ORAS/XY?

    Is there a way to remove the Legendary lock of 24 hours when you change the clock in the 3DS? Using pkhex or something else?
  12. Real.96

    Hacking Gateway can't load emuNAND region changed?

    I changed my emunand region from european to japanese. When i run it via a9lh it works perfeclty, but if try to load it using Gateway, the 3DS freezes on a black screen (just after the gateway red dragon). Why? Is there a way to solve solve this issue?
  13. Real.96

    Homebrew PlaisysUpdate stucks on HAX INIT...

    Hey guys, i was trying to downgrade my friend 3ds from 10.5 to 9.2. The homebrew works perfectly but every time i try to start the downgrade (using PlaisysUpdater), it stucks at HAX INIT. How can i solve this problem?
  14. Real.96

    ROM Hack Is there any korean New 3DS/Old 3DS/2DS owner? i need a little help

    Can you please contact me if you have a console with korean firmware? Thanks a lot!
  15. Real.96

    Hacking Different SD cards with A9LH?

    I successfully installed A9LH into my 2DS and it works really well. I've got 10.6 emuNAND and 9.2 sysNAND. My question is: is there a way to use more than one SD card on my 2DS? because i want to use more than one emuNAND. I tried to put a new SD card with all the files of the older one, but...
  16. Real.96

    Hacking Can't enter in to emuNAND with A9LH?

    I successfully installed A9LH in my 2DS. It perfectly work but if i press L or R during booting it freezes on a black screen and nothing happens. I read that i must press L at the start up to access to the Gateway menu. I've done something wrong? I've put in the rei folder firmware.bin...
  17. Real.96

    Homebrew SysUpdater or SafeSysUpdater?

    I'm going to buy an used New3ds (E) with firmware 9.4 and i want to downgrade it to 9.2. So what is the better downgrader? I read that with SafeSysUpdater the downgrade can have some that right?
  18. Real.96

    Homebrew Differences between SaveDataFiler and svdt?

    Can you tell me the differences between this two save game manager? which is best?
  19. Real.96

    Homebrew Change CtrBootManager color?

    Is there a way to change the violet color? I would like to change it to black as the previous version.
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