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    Homebrew DoomDS: IWAD Not Found?

    Hi, I'm using a softmadded Dsi with Hiya CFW and Twilightmenu++. 'm trying to get DS Doom to function, I'm using the version found on moddb with RobZ's fork's .nds file, which fixed the "cannot read/write" error issue. However, now when launching the game it tells me "IWAD not found" and will...
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    Hacking Question Fuseless update to 6.2

    Now that Atmosphere supports 6.2, will updating from 6.1 with ChoirNX burn fuses? Also, if I do the update with Choir, have autoRCM on, then boot stock from Hekate, does that burn fuses? Because I heard that there was another software fuse check included with 6.2, which was why a fuseless update...
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    Hacking Games still take up space after nand restore

    After resforing a nand backup, games (cias) that I had installed previously still show up under data management and still take up blocks. Is there any way to restore these titles while also keeping save data?
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    Hacking Old 2ds won't boot after staying in sleepmode

    I have an Old 2ds running Luma (7x or 8x I believe) and after leaving it in sleep mode while playing SSB4, it won't boot into CFW. However I can boot it into gm9 and Luma config menu. This has happened a few times before, and I just had to restore a nand backup. But this is very inconvenient and...
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    Hacking Question NAND backup from a previous version

    I made a NAND backup when I was on 5.1, but I updated to 6.1 (officially on accident because I'm a dumbass), will my 5.1 backup work on 6.1 even if my fuses are burnt? What about when thermosphere comes out, will I be able to use that backup for emunand?
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    Hacking Question "Ready to start system update" after updating with Choidjor

    I have updated from 5.1 to 6.0.1 with Choidjor and after booting stock (through hekate) I am prompted to start the system update. Am I not on 6.0.1? It just tells me system update is ready If try to check.
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    Homebrew Question Is there a tool to delete specific error codes?

    I was using ftpd and I got the CFW error code 2345-0021. For some reason, creport didn't do anything and it is logged on my device. I had a DNS on so it was not sent to Nintendo, but if I want to connect to the eshop, I don't want that error on my nand. Is there a way to delete just that error...
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    Hacking Question I'm gonna bite the bullet and update to 6.0.1

    I have stayed on 5.1 since 6.0 rolled out, but I don't see the point on staying. Nothing is broken, and i'm not getting coldboot anyway. I don't want to go through the hassle of choirdjordjordjordjorNX and I don't see why I would want to downgrade. All I use CFW for is the homebrew menu, I don't...
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    Homebrew Question Atmosphere loader.ini title compatibility

    Atmosphere supports loading the Homebrew launcher from a tile on the homescreen rather than an applet by switching the titleID in the loader.ini in the atmosphere folder. I changed the title ID in the file on my phone and sent it over by ftp. I tried it with the octopath demo and the puyo puyo...
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    Homebrew Question Retroarch on switch split Joycon not working.

    I saw that Retroarch supports split joycons, but I cannot get it to work, I adjusted the grip on the main menu, but when I launch Retroarch, even though they show player one and player 2 on the lights on the rails, they function as once controller. I tried changing the Retroarch control settings...
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    Homebrew Question Installing Homebrew NSPs

    If I install the homebrew menu NSP, does it come with the same risk of ban as a pirated game?
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    Homebrew RELEASE DDLC 3ds by LukeZGD ported to switch!

    THIS IS NOT MY WORK This is a port of Doki Doki Literature Club originally ported on the 3ds, now on the switch.
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    Hacking Discussion The classic update debate

    I am currently on 5.1. if all I intend to use the switch for is normal (paid for) switch games and Homebrew emulators, is there a reason not to update? Will I not get atmosphere for a while longer, will emunand be broken? Basically will anything be truly broken if I update, and what are the...
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    Gaming I'm about to get a few new switch games

    I'm going to get a few new physical switch games, and I want to know which ones are "the best". I have Mario Odyssey and Breath of the wild, and I am looking Mario kart 8 and dead cells. What other (mostly single player) games should I look into? Also, is Octopath really that great of a game?
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    Hacking Question Are there NSPs for extra game cart data

    Some game carts such as Doom require extra data to be installed before playing. Are there NSPs for just that extra data so if you're banned you can still buy and play the cart?
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    Homebrew Question Non-crash related errors

    Turns out many non-crash errors, such as eShop telling me I am not connected to the internet, have been logged. These occurred while in cfw and we're not taken care of by creport. I realised this after booting into ofw and connecting to the internet. Should I be concerned?
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    Homebrew Question Lakka performance

    Now that Lakka can be booted easily from Hekate I decided to give it a try. However, n64 performance was terrible. I've seen videos of goldeneye running at almost full speed, but when I tried I got 13 fps. Are there any settings I can adjust to improve this?
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    Hacking Question Best cheap dongle to buy?

    I am looking to buy a dongle similar to the SX Pro, but ideally something cheaper. I have seen a lot of people talk about the NS-Atmosphere and the new r4s seems to be coming our soon, but I want to know what is the best, cheap dongle to get.
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    Homebrew Question Is there a version of Doom classic homebrew that allows you to play pwads?

    Do any of the Doom Homebrew engines support pwads? Currently I use chocolate doom for playing doom, doom 2 and final doom, but I do not belive it has pwad support.
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    Hacking Question So what's up with Fail0verflow?

    So I am kinda late to the switch hacking scene, and recently discovered that Fail0verflow is planning to release a coldboot exploit. Is that really happing? If they have a coldboot exploit, and why haven't they released it yet!?
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