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  1. BlueSkiez

    Hacking stuck on boot.dat

    Hi, this is my second switch (first one failed somehow) but I'm getting the green light and I get to the boot.dat screen and I cant get passed that. I've tried 2 different SD cards samsung evo 32gb and a 16gb sandisk ultra both dont work. I tried formatting them a few times with different...
  2. BlueSkiez

    Hacking Question I soldered too many points sx lite

    Hi, I accidentally used too much solder, and it connected all 4 of these circles this is what it looks like, sorry for the bad quality, and theres a lot of paste flux around it, is that something I need to clean with isopropyl alcohol? -...
  3. BlueSkiez

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, I found this forum from researching about sx core and this looks like a nice place. Haven't been gaming much, just played minecraft dungeons casually with my younger brother and a girl that I'm seeing. I also play league and cs go. Hopefully I can learn something from here and meet new people.
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