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    Hacking Question Unable to launch some games after upgrade

    I've just updated to firmware 11.0.1, AMS 0.18.0 and Hekate 5.5.4. Some games already installed and that worked just fine before update, suddenly stop working with a "Unable to start software. Return to the HOME menu and try again" message. I've downloaded and installed sigpatches from...
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    Hardware Pairing Xiaomi Airdots pro

    Anyone has paired Xiaomi Airdots pro with PS Vita? Mine don't work. Vita finds earphones and I can pair both, but after two seconds earphones disconnect. I've no problem pairing with other earphones and I can pair Airdots with other devices :-( Enviado desde mi SM-G950F mediante Tapatalk
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    Ophelia_Later @ Ophelia_Later: im having trouble getting the file ntr-forwarder and i can't play my roms downloaded to my o3ds xl