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    Hacking Wii mini unbrick

    So.. after a lot of hard work to soft mod of the Wii mini, reinstalling the system menu, getting a lan adapter to update all its Homebrew, I managed to brick it while accidentally installing a bunch of wad from my USB hard drive, including ios57-59 from nus. The result is that the Wii Mini...
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    Gaming Any way of transfering saves from banned to Lite switch?

    As per title, I'm interested in buying a new switch lite to play my cartridges in online mode, can I attempt to transfer my user saves to the new switch via my account or in some other way?
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    Hacking Coldboot Haxchi with different user OR savedata transfer

    Hello everyone, I have a little problem. I successfully installed coldboot haxchi on my WiiU to save me the trouble to launch mocha cfw everytime I played it. Now, the WiiU autoboots on the first account/user that is present in the WiiU, but I usually play on another one, since the console is...
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    Hacking Creating channel for .wbfs file?

    Hi, I find myself more comfortable using .wbfs files on a FAT32 SD card than any other configurations, but I very much liked to create channels for the games I used to have on my USB drive, is there any way to create a channel that will load a .wbfs file through configurable usb...
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    Hacking Eachmall alternative for R4i Dual Core

    Hi everyone, I know this kind of questions have been asked thousands of times already, but I couldn't find an answer by myself. I would like to buy a R4i Dual Core or Gold (I know, it's not Gateway but it's cheap and I just want to try it out and also use it primarily on my old DS Lite) I'm...
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