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    Gaming Upcoming Switch Games You're Looking Forward To

    I spent some 10+ years without finishing a game (only playing sims, strategy, competitive FPSs, survival, etc.), I started playing Disco Elysium and kept playing it at least 4h daily until I finished it, including a weekend with 6h+ daily, to finish it. Couldn't put it down. Another game that I...
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    Homebrew RELEASE PPSSPP Switch Standalone Beta

    Not using any texture pack (in fact I didn't know it existed before your comment). As I said, I'm not having any issues that I had with previous versions (mind you, I'm not using the last version of PPSSPP yet, as per my original comment).
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    Hardware What temperature should a Switch run at? Mine runs at 50°C on most games.

    Tegra X1 operating temp is -25C to 80C. Switch APU is a heavily underclocked tegra X1 (which originally runs at 2.2ghz max) due to battery saving needs (it's a hybrid handheld after all), the temps you see are 100% safe and won't cause any issue. I bet you can safely run it continuously at 80C...
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    Gaming JRPGs with no "padding" or with QoL to help it.

    Hello guys. Do you have any recommendations for Switch (or, alternatively, PSP or PSX) JRPGs with low filler/padding content and/or that have QoL settings (such as cheats, fast travel, etc.) so an adult that works full time and study by night have hope to complete (so, no Trails recommendation...
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    Homebrew RELEASE PPSSPP Switch Standalone Beta

    I'm using the last version as of today (Mar, 15) and having no problems using 2x resolution + 2x textures (hybrid) even with an underclock on CPU, GPU, and RAM (Switch Lite on Atmosphere, using a forwarder). Didn't change any settings besides the res and texture upscaling, tested this on Persona...
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    Gaming How does the updated version of Bloodstained perform?

    Sorry, but I don't have an answer (as I never played this game), but if your switch is hacked you can try to overclock it via sys-clk and see if you get better framerates.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Moonlight-NX - Nvidia Game Stream client

    Run something like "Rivatuner Statistics Server" to see your CPU and GPU usage when ingame - if you're maxing usage of your PC (CPU and or GPU) it will induce lag. Also, check moonlight-nx statistics to see what is the reason of your frame time (maybe streaming delay, maybe ping, maybe packet...
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    Homebrew Question Removing news articles from lockscreen

    I'll tell one benefit of news: when using an homebrew app in extended memory mode (holding "R" to have access to more RAM) if the app locks and you are unable to return to OS Menu (something like "the action can't be performed right now"), you can use power button to go to lockscreen and click...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Moonlight-NX - Nvidia Game Stream client

    Here to say that this is simply the best streaming experience that I had - and I've used steam link (the hardware), Steam Link (app) on a Samsung Q70R, Nvidia Shield Portable, Nvidia Shield tablet, and the Nvidia Shield thingy that goes on the TV (both old and new versions). Currently the...
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