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    Hardware AGS-101 screen on AGS-001 motherboard

    Hi, sorry to bump but I have questions regarding the step-up regulator to be used. I can't buy from AliExpress nor from BennVenn as shipping would cost me an arm and a leg. However, I did find some step-up regulators from my local online store and one of them looks exactly the same as the one...
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    Gaming GBA SP Front-light without LOCA?

    I'm restoring my old GBA SP on the cheap and I currently need to clean off the dried adhesive residue that's right at the center of the display. Would it be possible to hold the front-light with some clear tape on the edges before I get some LOCA later on? Getting an AGS-101 screen is not an...
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    Ophelia_Later @ Ophelia_Later: im having trouble getting the file ntr-forwarder and i can't play my roms downloaded to my o3ds xl