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    Hacking Help on updating a 4.82 HAN enabled PlayStation 3 super slim?

    Hello, I have a PS3 super slim with HAN on it running 4.82 I haven't used it in a while and I would like to get it up to speed and I also would like to know how upgrading the hard drive works, is it business as usual or is does it take extra steps when it's hacked?
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    Homebrew Could anyone write a ButtonSwap3DS tutorial?

    I need a few buttons swapped around for a friend who's R button doesn't work (it's for Luigi's Mansion 3D so kinda need it). The ButtonSwap3DS thread is confusing enough with nothing being made abundantly clear and most of it being tucked away in spoilers and then the FAQ is on the 16th or so...
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    Homebrew I updated godmode9 and it bricked my New 3DS XL

    As the title says I updated godmode9 (ironically to backup my nand) and it bricked my 3ds, I cannot even access the luma settings or godmode9 with select and start any fix?
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    Homebrew Any way to stop the update message on 11.7?

    even if a fix comes out for 11.8 theres that new cia check thing and i want to know if theres a way to get the update message to stop jic
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    Homebrew Is there a way to put a PAL save into a NTSC version of a game?

    Turns out I've been playing the PAL version of miitopia the whole time and I want to fix everything for the spotpass recommendations but jksm says that it can't open the save archive so idk what to do.
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    PS1/2 Best way to hack a scph 79001 7D ps2 slim?

    So first my main goal is to play burned backups of games. I've heard I can just burn swap magic 3.8 and do it that way but I want to make sure, do I still need to block the sensors and if so do I need to do only 2 or the one that's inside the ps2. Again it's a scph 79001 7D thank you
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    Hardware What's the best way to use a PS2 controller on nintendont

    I'm talking best adapter, whether or not to also get a dual analog or dual shock 1 instead of a DS2 and stuff.
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    Android Is there a way to use micro USB to HDMI cords without having MHL

    All my phone's are too new to have MHL (due to Chromecast and Miracast) , and my friend doesn't have wifi or a smart TV (or Chromecast obviously) and it gets boring sometimes and if we want to watch a movie we got to go and buy it in dvd format. Is there any adapter that has MHL built in or...
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    What's the best PS1 emulator ?

    I mostly want to play JoJo's Venture at max settings but I also want to play other games as well and I've heard some emulators are better than others when it comes to 2D/3D games so more light on that would be good too.
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    Homebrew How do people make the QR codes for FBI?

    I was wondering how to make them so it would be easier to install CIAs instead of the more time consuming method of getting the damn microSD out.
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    Homebrew A9LH O3DS to OFW O3DS (asking for a friend)

    So my friend is getting a second 3ds soon because of an issue with the charging port, can he transfer all of his stuff from the hacked old 3ds to the other old 3ds with all of his cfw stuff including freeshop games and stuff.
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    Homebrew Latest (working) version of ps1 emulator?

    does anyone have a link to one? and do i need bios files for it to work? (i've seen threads where bios are needed)
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    Homebrew weird thing happening with one of my gba injects

    so i went to play some of my gba games and when i hovered over pokemon fire red it said that there is and update for it, which is actually impossible. I haven't seen what happens if i press A on it. Does anyone know whats up with it?
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    Homebrew did Bootanim9 brick my n3ds?

    so i installed bootanm9 and when i turned my 3ds off and back on,it was just 2 black screens with only the blue light on (and orange because it was charging) would taking the sd card out and deleting the bootanim9 files fix it? or using the godmode9 thing to go into the file explorer and delete...
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    Homebrew Looking for good NDS Homebrew

    Any notable ones?
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    Hacking question about retrogamefan's guide

    so on retrogamefan's guide for r4isdhc cards it says that the premade YSmenu stuff is for r4isdhc firmware v1.34, while the latest firmware for r4isdhc is v1.45, can I just download the newest kernel and just install YSmenu as usual or do I need to use the older firmware?
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    Hacking can someone give me files for auto booting to ysmenu on a R4I SDHC Dual Core please?

    the card is btw (no dash)
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    Homebrew Question about what you do after you update luma

    So my 3ds was on luma 6.something and after i updated to 7.0 it gave me a screen of the 7.0 configuration and was wondering what options do i select?
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    Homebrew Question about the new O3DS a9lh guide

    So I'm hacking my friends O3DS and i still have the torrents from when I hacked my New 3DS, will the torrents work with the Old 3DS or do I have to get them again?
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