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    Hacking Haxchi error -3

    Anyone know what this error means? I tried looking around and didn't find anything on it, the most I did find was on errors -4 and -5, no whenever I try to run Haxchi I ge this error Also I didn't do any Rednand or anything, just installed Haxchi
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    Hardware 3DS screen problem

    So my 3DS has some srot of problem and I would like to see if anyone know anything about it before buying a new part so as to not waste money if its unfixable, when I turn it on it does not show anything on the upper screen, though it does sort of shine or gets less black or something, it just...
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    Hacking Prince of persia

    Does the prince of persia works on the SCD2?
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    Gaming Pokemon B/W possible sucessor?

    By sucessor I mean in the same way platinum,emerald and maybe crystal(never actualy got around playing this one) are to their respetice generations.So is there any word if there will be one for Black and White?And if not wich one do you guys thinks s the best one to buy?,since they said in...
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    Hacking Acekard or other card?

    So Im thinking about importing a card so i ask is acekard good or there is a better one?
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    Hacking YSmenu and DSi update

    Well i looked around and didn't find anything about it so i ask if I can update my DSi or there isn't a fix for the ysmenu to work after the update?
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    Gaming Steam punk games

    So i am bored of the regular theme of most games and am quite fascinated for the After the End scenario,do any of you know a good game that delves in this theme?Or a Steam punk game?
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    Gaming Time to do a vocation change in DQ9

    So I did some quest and now i am able to change my vocation,buut i saw i would star with a level one and that made me a little,so i'll ask is it worth changing now it now?Or should i wait a little more?
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    ROM Hack Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

    Ok,aparently it does not work on the: M3 Akaio DSTT R4 wich freezes/crash,alo give a corrupted save,the AR code from the JP does no work,and Rudolph patch does not work too. So post any info here if it works
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