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  1. FuryBaguette

    Homebrew RELEASE AmiiSwap - Amiibo switcher/manager for Emuiibo

    Hello everyone, today I'm officialy releasing AmiiSwap. I decided to create this post because it got way more attention that I thought it would. Hope you'll like it. AmiiSwap AmiiSwap is a GUI Amiibo Manager homebrew for emulation with emuiibo. How to use: Download and setup emuiibo on your...
  2. FuryBaguette

    Homebrew WIP Switch Layout Editor - Create/Edit Themes and Games

    Hello everyone, exelix and I are finally releasing the Switch Layout Editor. Please note that this is still in beta. Brief Description: The Switch Layout Editor enables you to edit and preview BFLYT and BFLAN files which are used in the Switch interfaces and games. With this tool you can...
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    Ophelia_Later @ Ophelia_Later: im having trouble getting the file ntr-forwarder and i can't play my roms downloaded to my o3ds xl