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    Hardware Can any of you help me find this?

    Hi! I hope you all can help me or someone can. I been googling and been coming up empty. There is a controller that looks like the Wii Classic Controller but with a GameCube port plug in. The reason I want to find this product is so I can enjoy Homebrew emulation without having to worry about...
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    Homebrew Nintendon't questions

    Hi guys. I have some questions regarding the ability to play GC games on Wii using other methods (Nintendon't in this case) My disc drive on my wii is either burned out or simply don't want to work anymore. Been itching to play some of the games in my collection and short for cash. I do have a...
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    Homebrew Need some guidance (hack related)

    I followed the guide on 3ds guide and all was going smoothly up into the point where you install FBI on the system. I dumped H&S and injected FBI but H&S is still showing up on my 3DS menu, then I piddled around here and found a way around that using HBL to get it working BUT I can no longer get...
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    Homebrew RetroArch - Vectrex core needed/requested

    Hey guys, I recently updated Retroarch wii and to avoid problems I do a clean install each time a new version is released. I noticed in the newest version of RA wii there is no vectrex core to be seen anywhere and I was wondering if anyone here has the specific core so that I may enjoy some...
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    Homebrew wii issue,need help.

    Ok. here is the problem. today all of a sudden my usb loaders stopped working. Everyone of them. as soon as I load one of them the screen turns black and nothing loads. I tried updating all my usb loaders (Neogamma,usb conf,uloader and wiiflow) to their current versions and nothing apparently...
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    Homebrew Wiisx issue

    Lately I been making a DVD of psx games to play on wiisx. I read on wiibrew that you can place .isos anywhere on the disc and the emulator would be able to read it. So I placed all of them on root of the disc and wiisx says "Directory could not be found" or something like that. So I tried...
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    Homebrew Can you change the music on GX emulators?

    I love the GX emulators by tantric but the menu music gets on my nerves. Is there anyway to change it and if so how? thank you!
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    Homebrew Wiimc YouTube Issue

    Every time I load wiimc on homebrew channel. I search youtube videos. Results show but I get an error saying "Error loading youtube file" with any video I select! Any one else experienced this? If so can it be fixed? Thank You.
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    Homebrew BOR (Beats of rage) question.

    Can you play Original BOR mods on wii's Open BOR engine or do the mods have to be strictly for Open BOR?I been in a double dragon mood lately and they're appears to be plenty of awesome DD mods for BOR. Thanks!
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    Homebrew Vectrex Wii Question.

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. I watched the demo vid for the vectrex wii emulator and there was no sound. Is there sound on the emulator or is sound not present at this time? Thanks!
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    Hacking Odd R4i (wood firmware)problem

    Ok, here is the deal. My wife has a R4i and uses it on her DSL. She's been wanting to play some casual games on her DSL for sometime. Since the official firmware has weird issues and wood seems to be more compatible (I use it on my own DSL but I have an R4 original and it works fine) However it...
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    Homebrew Blowing off some steam

    So I updated just like any other bloke would. HOWEVER, The damn update deleted my Hacked,Translated and Unlicensed Roms. Now I gotta Find them again. I think for SNES9xGX,VBA and such I should just do it manually instead of automatically if the update is going to annihilate my roms! Pisses me...
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    Homebrew Just want to say thanks!

    Just want to say a big thank you to all the coders and their hard work for bring flawless emulation to the Wii,even with the hardwares limitations! It's exciting to play all my old favorites on my small box and if it wasn't for the scene being available My wii would collect dust. Since hacking...
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    Homebrew Gxgeo bios issue

    Ok. I got GXgeo the other day to add to my massive collection of homebrew. I read that you have to rename the bios from their original settings on I tested the bios in MAME on my pc so it does work. After renaming and putting the files in the "Bios" folder. I get an error when...
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    I used to go to this site often get chiptunes of genesis music and today when I wanted particular soundtrack, the site is down and I googled all over the place to find out what happend but to no avail. Can anyone in this community tell me what possibly happened to project 2612? Thank you.
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    Homebrew MameSDL (Toadking)

    I think mame on wii is pretty sweet with most of my old favorites playable on it. Kinda disappointing that MK and other favorites will never work on it but Coders don't owe nothing anyways, So I am happy we have one that works great! Is there a way you could put OTHER Mame roms in a sub...
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    Hacking Wii menu erased during waninkoko's update installer 4.3b

    Ok. The story is this. I fixed my buds computer and instead of paying me money he bought me a VC game (ys book I & 2,I didn't tell him I could get it for free ) I went to the shop channel and was told to update,I didn't and went online and grabbed waninkoko's updater 4.3b (The one that doesn't...
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