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  1. GolenSun550

    Apple GEVEY Turbo SIM Unlock for iPhone

    Found this info from other sites, and think this might be helpful for some tempers, that's why I post here.
  2. GolenSun550

    Review Supercard DSonei Mini Review.

    Supercard DSonei Mini Review. Hello guys , today I am going to review the latest product Supercard DSonei Mini from Supercard team . First of all I'd like to thank Introduction The Supercard team has been into the flashcart business for many years now , if my memory serves right , they...
  3. GolenSun550

    Does anybody hear of Witkey?

    For those who don't know about Witkey : Quote from It is a Chinese site , is there a English one ? Or similar one ?
  4. GolenSun550

    E3 Card Reader 3.50 Downgrader for PS3 Released!

    DOWNGRADE FILE WILL NOT WORK ON OTHER JAILBREAK DEVICES. DOWNGRADE IS ENCRYPTED FOR E3 CARD READER ONLY!! You can purchase your E3 Card Reader at (5% off - coupon code 5ps3hacks), ($15 + free shipping) How to downgrade firmware 3.42/3.50 or above to firmware 3.41 with...
  5. GolenSun550

    Hacking Acekard 2i Christmas version $12.32 shipped

    For those who want to purchase. coupon code : game10off
  6. GolenSun550

    Review R4i Revolution Review

    Introduction This is my first time to do a review , please kindly point it out if I got something wrong . I would like to thank Hello everyone , today I am going to review the R4i Revolution produced buy which gets officially supports from Wood R4 . I like Wood R4 , so I...
  7. GolenSun550

    Review P3Hub review

    I was lucky enough to be one of the first 100 people who got the chance to receive a free P3Hub . I decided to write up a simple review as I promised to do it when I asked P3Hub team (PS3Break team) to send me a free sample . Introduction The P3Hub is a new product which supports...
  8. GolenSun550

    Hacking Which firmware?

    Hello guys, Does anyone ever used this DSTT-ADV ? the official site is is it good or not ?
  9. GolenSun550

    I am so excited

    Today I dated with a girl , finnaly I decide to tell her I like her. To my surprise , she told me that I have good sense of humor and am good at acting cute to get every girl's heart , sweet etc , then she said she didnt' deserve my love and ask me to find better girls than her. Yep,she's...
  10. GolenSun550

    Are you looking forward to flashcart fits for N3DS?

    It seems nearly all NDS users who have NDS/NDSi got at least one flashcart . Will you still buy flashcart for N3DS (if there is) ?
  11. GolenSun550


    Ak2i $11.50 Free shipping at Just find a good deal ! Promotion Item: Order 1pcs at the price:11.50$ Shipped,Each Paypal Account Can Only Order 1pcs With This Promotion Price. Deal Expires on:May 14th Deion...
  12. GolenSun550

    Is there a forum likes Gbatemp related to PS3/PS2/XBOX ?

    Topic. Can anyone give some advice,please ?
  13. GolenSun550

    How can I get a girl?

    Topic. Be serious !
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