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  1. BraveDragonWolf

    Food is bad for you

    Actually... Pork, bottom feeders of the sea and whatever unclean animal is bad for you. You say you eat pig meat which is pork sausage, bacon, whatever. A pig literally eats anything and everything (seriously anything that's dead.) no matter what farmer tells you how they feed their pigs, they...
  2. BraveDragonWolf

    I am fucking sick of hearing about vaccines

    The "Foxdie" shot...
  3. BraveDragonWolf

    Do you have a sword in your room?

    I just so happen to have 2 swords in my room! - One high frequency blade (Metal Gear Rising) Bought it off of Amazon. - And a very old Chinese sword I bought from a gun show a few years back just hanging on the thumbnail of a poster on my wall. (If I remember, the guy told me it was a little...
  4. BraveDragonWolf

    SEGA and Microsoft are teaming up for a "strategic alliance" involving the Azure cloud platform

    Neptune and Vert teaming up like that, eh? (I'm sorry for those who don't get it and don't follow...)
  5. BraveDragonWolf

    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition trailer

    Aahh... GTA Vice City, where punching a car that you rightfully own is illegal and cops beat you down for it. And I don't know if it's just Vice City that does that.
  6. BraveDragonWolf

    Tempcast Switch OLED HACKED? Switch Online Expansion, Sega Saturn Emulator Found & more - Tempcast #61

    I've heard about people angry at expansion? All I can say is that I don't need to play old games on fancy hardware with fancy interfaces that'll probably cost you...whatever ridiculous price you want to say. That's why I keep my modded Wii and play them there to save an arm and a...
  7. BraveDragonWolf

    First trailer for animated 'Shenmue' series released

    Noice. I don't really know much about the game. I only know Ryo because of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing from years ago.
  8. BraveDragonWolf

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Simple question. Has anyone found a way to mod patched consoles yet? If not I already understand that it takes a lot of time and maybe money.
  9. BraveDragonWolf

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” - Kingdom Hearts' Sora joins the fight

    A bit disappointing but also cool, but can you really get mad at it? I feel depressed now that this is the end lol. Now that this is done, I'm anxious to mod my Switch now to import some characters to Smash. But I need to be patient since I'm unable to do such a thing...
  10. BraveDragonWolf


    I actually know a guy who happens to be one of the developers of Smash Bros. He leaked this secret image of the final DLC. :ninja:
  11. BraveDragonWolf

    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    So, my console starts with "XKW". I would have to wait for someone to figure out how to mod those type of consoles? I was hopping to mod Smash Ultimate after the final DLC reveal. I just want to be 100% clear on this because, I'm running the risk of possibly ruining a $400 console...
  12. BraveDragonWolf

    Nintendo Direct announced for tomorrow, September 23rd

    People are going to complain...
  13. BraveDragonWolf

    LEGO announces Super Mario 64 themed playset

    When I saw the thumbnail for this, I immediately was thinking, "Mario 64 itself is already blocky..." Then I saw the video... They could have done a lot better...
  14. BraveDragonWolf

    I Have A Special Offer For Mr.Sakurai...

    Just made a new render!
  15. BraveDragonWolf

    I Have A Special Offer For Mr.Sakurai...

    Thanks. I wish XD I've been making renders since 2013. I've used the Cyberdimension Neptune because the face is poseable and I needed more 3D. I saw people making renders about Neptunia characters in Smash so, I wanted to see what I could do and humor everyone. Also, look at the spoilers again...
  16. BraveDragonWolf

    I Have A Special Offer For Mr.Sakurai...

    Look in the spoilers again :ninja:
  17. BraveDragonWolf

    A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 managed to sell for a record-breaking $1.56 million dollars

    What do you plan to do after you've done spent your rent, car payment, bills, food, gas, lights, child support, college, and house on a damn box that hasn't been open since 96...?
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