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  1. Spidey_BR

    Hacking Help with used WiiU -> doesn't load Smash Brawl, get 162-3006 update error

    After almost 3 years with my WiiU, I sent it in for repairs because it wasn't cold booting, requiring me to force a shutdown and them power it up. Since I have a nice home theater setup, that was pissing me off, specially since I had the 3 year warranty that I never used. So I sent the console...
  2. Spidey_BR

    ROM Hack 3DSEncodeGUI - A multiplatform GUI encoding tool to the 3DS

    THIS TOOL IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION. THE FIRST VERSION WORKS ON LINUX ONLY. NEW VERSIONS COMING FOR WINDOWS AND MAC ALSO. So, after several hours of working, learning and coding, here it is. The first version of the 3DSEncodeGUI. I'll release the standalone script also...
  3. Spidey_BR

    Hardware Camera Freezing - Both back 3D and front cameras

    Some apps, especially AR Games and Camera, crash after moving the 3DS unit "fast". In the AR Games app, it's really frustating that any "fast" movement crashes the camera surface and it can't read the AR card again, making you reboot the system. And when I say "fast" I mean almost slow, when...
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