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  1. Gammazeth

    Hacking Questions regarding region games

    Hi all, so I just hacked my wii and threw a bunch of backups and one of them was wii sports resorts tho it was an ntsc-u game and my wii is European, so when I loaded it on USBLoaderGX the banner was black and when I clicked on play, I got kicked back to the Homebrew channel. I tried to force...
  2. Gammazeth

    Hacking O3DS randomly crashes and when it reboots the led is blinking but the screen stays black

    Hi, sorry if this thread is a little bit confusing/vague, it's because it's been like 8 months I hacked my O3DS and I haven't started it up since I ran into these problems. So I hacked my O3DS using Luma and B9S and it worked like a charm, I never had issues with it until one day, I used ftp on...
  3. Gammazeth

    Hacking Question A few questions about NAND backup

    Hi everyone, today I decided to make another NAND backup using this time NxNandManager (since I don't have enough space on my SD card and I don't have enough space on my PC to store the contents of my SD card to spare momentarily some space). So I mounted my eMMC RAWNAND using TegraRCMGui and...
  4. Gammazeth

    Homebrew Question Is it possible to backup the NAND without an SD card

    Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to actually backup the switch NAND without an SD card, for example, running a software from the pc while it's in rcm mode and backup directly to the drive of the pc without having a single gigabyte going through the SD card. It would be interesting to...
  5. Gammazeth

    Hacking Question A question about NAND backup corruption

    Hi, so a month ago I hacked my switch and made a backup, as I began to install games and homebrews I ran into a few crashes of atmosphere ("fatal errors") and one "panic error while running Atmosphere" when I rebooted the console. It made me stressed and I thought that if my backup fucks up one...
  6. Gammazeth

    Hardware Joy-Con won't connect wirelessly but work perfectly while handheld

    Hi, so yesterday my Joy-Cons were working perfectly with my switch and today I did not try to connect them wirelessly until I swapped back to OFW, I tried to connect them but nothing happened, tho they work perfectly while attached to the switch. I switched back to EmuMMC and here again same...
  7. Gammazeth

    Homebrew Question Nintendo switch screen remains black after injecting payload

    Hi everyone, so I wanted to hack my switch and set it up so I can use an EmuNAND, I booted it into RCM Mode and tried to inject Hekate_Ctcaer_5.1.1. Unfortunately, the screen stays black even if TegraRcmGUI says that the payload was successfully injected and I don't know what to do. It is on the...
  8. Gammazeth

    Hacking Is there a way to play Wii U games without having to put them on a SD card ?

    Hey, I would like to know if there's a way to install Wii U games without having to put them into a SD card ? Mine has only 2 GB of storage and I would like to know if you can put the games directly on the HDD and install them to the console internal storage or just launch them. I ask for...
  9. Gammazeth

    Hacking Issue with vWii backup loaders

    Hi guys, I've recently hacked my Wii U and my vWii and successfully installed two backups loaders: USBLoaderGX and WiiFlow. I made the backups of my games and stored them in a USB stick. I tried to launch my games through WiiFlow but it said that it didn't detect any game. The same goes for...
  10. Gammazeth

    Homebrew HID To VPAD makes the browser exploit unusable

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the Wii U hacking scene and I don't want to purchase a DS game to use Haxchi, so here's the deal, I've downloaded HID to VPAD and I use the network software to play wirelessly with my xbox one controller (the bluetooth one), the controller is detected and works...
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