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  1. anthony_link

    KFC Gaming officially announces the KFConsole

    Sorry KFC, Microsoft has already done it in a square/rectangular shape.:D :arrow: SOURCE: GBAtemp Inbox :arrow: KFConsole Official Page
  2. anthony_link

    Nintendo Switch AR game 'Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit' announced

    :switch::OI can imagine the name of some children's tracks: Junkyard Bedroom Mayhem, Underbed Monster Tunnel, Kindergarden Giant Monster Babies.:D
  3. anthony_link

    The Meme Box

  4. anthony_link

    'Sonic The Hedgehog' live action movie gets fresh trailer with new Sonic design

    It is a mix of old Sonic and the Newest one. It works for me.:)
  5. anthony_link

    Hardware [Recommendation] If vWii graphics look bad on 4K/HD TV

    I'll try it. We should have more options on emulators on vWii such as "resolution x2, x4, x6, and so on.
  6. anthony_link

    Hardware Cursor for Wii remote flickers a lot

    Well, I've experienced something like that, the problem was after the flickering, my cursor became so wacky that disappeared from the screen. I tried out on my vWii and didn't appeared. I googled for information of how to repair wii remote camera (since the cursor or pointer is a small camera)...
  7. anthony_link

    Limited Run Games to release a Wii U game, company to lose money for publishing it

    It looks very weird. I can't imagine what is their purpose.:O Perhaps, they are like the 99 years old granny who wants to graduate only as a matter of making a dream come true.:teach: It's a pity than Shadows of the Eternals didn't have the same destiny.:sad:
  8. anthony_link

    Emulation Emulators WIIU or vWII?

    Well, at least in my own experience, some games have a significant improvement. The resolution is better in most of them, but in other games the resolution is as bad as in the originals e.g. Ratatouille vWII and Nintendont, Okami, just for mention some examples.
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