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  1. AlhazenTheMad

    Upgrading OFW with Daybreak

    Quick noob question, but will doing this burn fuses?
  2. AlhazenTheMad

    Hacking Question Any point on staying on 2.3.0 firmware?

    Should I stay on this firmware, or should I just update to 3.0.0 with my Pokken Tournament DX revision 000? Based on the firmware status guide by Nah3DS, 2.3.0 and 3.0.0 are interchangeable? It also seems as though things are being developed primarily for 3.0.0? Any suggestions?
  3. AlhazenTheMad

    ROM Hack How to Extract Save File from a ROM?

    Hi, how would I go about extracting the save file from a rom (e.g. pokemon x)? Thanks in advance. I have the following: Gateway 3DS v3.7.1 emuNAND: 10.7x sysNAND: 9.0x My intention is to create a file that I can open with Pkhex so that I can check my trainer secret ID.
  4. AlhazenTheMad

    Hacking Safe to Install DS Profile Export on Old 3DS XL?

    Sorry, I am somewhat new to the flashcard/homebrew scene. I just want to be able to boot into Gateway mode without having to use the wifi and didn't know if this exploit was safe to use on an old 3DS XL. Gateway Ultra 3.7.1 systemNAND: 9.0.0-20u emuNAND: 10.5.0-30u EDIT: I named the title...
  5. AlhazenTheMad

    Gaming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Required Firmware Update?

    What 3DS firmware version is required to play MH4U? Thanks in advance.
  6. AlhazenTheMad

    Hacking Question Regarding My Purchase

    Planning to buy a Supercard DSTWO from this link: I just wanted to know if that is the microSD to USB adapter pictured to the right of the actual card itself. Thanks in advance.
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