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  1. mesakagi

    Gaming Selling used DS game confused. Is my game fake?

    Basically I'm trying to sell my Pokemon Black Version 2 Nintendo DS game and in recent days I saw multiple peoples listings for just the cart itself sell for more than the price I set mine for and it made be a bit confused and want to know if there's something wrong with my game/cart or box or...
  2. mesakagi

    Okay so what the f*** do you mean whos coming after me and why?

    I can't tell if its just my hallucinations or not but you got me fucked up, seriously. What did you mean by that? And what exactly do you want me to do. I'm half convinced you're who he was and you're gonna scam me or something or just have my shit locked up in transit. Have I got that right? Or...
  3. mesakagi

    Gaming I'm really going to miss the the 3DS Pokemon artstyle (Image heavy)

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to be posting this so mod please move if it not. Even though I wasn't a huge fan of Sun/Moon, I really enjoyed XY and Oras and still love the artstyle of all three games. I do hope GF will one day make a new game or remake one for the fans that reverts...
  4. mesakagi

    Hacking Can't boot into SXOS after installing 8.1.0 fw

    I get this error message after trying to boot into SXOS. I see the nintendo logo but shortly afterwards I get this error message. I have updated my boot.dat file and I can also boot into original FW and have access to SXOS pre boot options page but can't get into CFW The only thing I can think...
  5. mesakagi

    What is the future of handheld gaming systems in your eyes?

    I would like to hear some of your thoughts on where you see handheld gaming in the future. Personally I would love to see Nintendo continue making more 3DS-like handheld systems with unique hardware features and form factors but I think it's clear that Nintendo knows hardware like the Switch...
  6. mesakagi

    How much money have you found on the ground in your life?

    I believe I found roughly $100 dollars on the ground in my entire life.
  7. mesakagi

    Hacking old 3DS XL 11.6.0-39 cfw options? (I have Gateway blue and red cards)

    I have read but I am still unsure of things. I have a blue and red gateway cards. I was wondering if I can install gateway normally then install gateway emunand then go to B9S or something like that? Or must I follow that website instructions and find compatible flashcard to...
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