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    Hacking Discussion SX OS's Ban Reports

    Banned: NO Unchecked "Send Errors" in Menu: Unchecked SX OS Used offline: YES SX OS used online: YES, only for game update. Played with SX Backups online: NO Layered FS Used offline: NO Layered FS Used online: NO Played with Layered FS Injects online: NO Does the Eshop work: YES Backups updated...
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    Hacking Switch-Linux RetroArch

    Try the typical Tuto about installing the arch linux with HW and wifi. once you can get internet connection: Then run a terminal,type: su the password is "root",so type root(It won't show something like ****, don't mind) and Enter. then type: pacman -Sy retroarch when everything is done...
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