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    Homebrew How to system restore hacked N3DSXL to get new friend id

    Hello, I have a N3DSXL that I hacked using the system transfer method. I used my wife's 2DS. It turns out that we now both share the same friend id. I believe the only way for us to get unique IDs is for one of us to restore to factory. I actually just tried this but was completely unable to...
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    Hacking Hardmod wire gauge?

    Hello, I'm planning on hardmodding my N3DSXL and I'm wondering what wire gauge I should use. The only reason I ask is because I know when reading the NAND on an XBox 360 you have to use at least 28AWG. I currently only have 30AWG. Thanks!
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    Hacking Hardmod downgrade from 11.1 to 10.7, will browserhax work?

    Hello, I have a N3DSXL that is on 11.1. I'm thinking about hardmod downgrading to 10.7 to then get down to 9.2. My only problem is I don't have Cubic Ninja to use as an entry point. If I downgrade to 10.7 using the hardmod will browserhax work, or will the browser remain the same version? Thanks!
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    Hacking and SuperCard ...

    This might not be the place to post, but I figure you all have sufficient experience to possibly help me out. I just went to and purchesed the SuperCard DSTwo ... only then did I realize at the top of the site it says they can no longer sell Nintendo DS Flash Carts and that all...
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    Hacking CIOSes, which ones to use, and what are they for?

    Sooo, its been a long time since I have kept track of the WiiBrew Scene. The last thing I remember was they just unlocked the DVD Drive in the Wii to read regular DVDs just fine. I have IOS5 and IOS37 (custom I think) installed and the DVD Dumper that streams over WiFi. So, do I need to update...
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    Hacking WarioLand: Shake It NTSC MD5 Checksum

    Greetings! I have just taken a dumb of WarioLand: Shake it from USA (NTSC). I would like to be able to confirm its checksum because I don't have any good DVDs to burn to. The MD5 I have is: 9ee8421657db2ba03296a6acd02772b6 Can anyone confirm this? Thanks, Kyle
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    Hacking D2E - Red Light - Drive just makes noise

    Hello everyone, my friend just bought the D2Pro for his D2E chip with the WiiClip.. He installed it, but he just gets a red light on the D2E and the drive just makes a clicking noise with a disk out... When he puts a disk in, the disk starts to inch while the ModChip is still lit with a Red LED...
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    Hacking SSBB Ripped/burned Freezes after stage 9

    exactly what the title says. It works fine, sometimes.. If I get past the intos to quiickly it gives me the White Screen.. However, after I complete Stage 9 it just freezes . Any ideas? Thanks Kyle
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    Hacking Which is better for MultiISO GC?

    So, I'm trying to make a mutlgame ISO for the wii/gamecube.. I have stumbled across three different applications: GCMUtility, GCOS_DVD9_FIXED_FINAL_VER, or MutliGame ISO Creator v3.3.4F+ What is the best application to make a mutligame ISO? any of the above or something I missed? Thanks, Kyle
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    Hacking Compiling Wii homebrew

    So, I'd like to compile some Wii Homebrew, or maybe even make my own.. What program do I use to compile it, for Windows? (Assuming there isn't one for OSX) Thanks, Kyle --- edit --- GAH sorry for the spam, after looking on WiiBrew I found this: DevKit for Mac I think this is hwo you compile...
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    Hacking SSBB V1 VS. SSBB V1.01

    So, I got Super Smash Bros Brawl, and began to rip it and some may have noticed I had trouble doing so.. However, while it was ripping I noticed that the version number was 1.01. I am assuming here that there was once a version number of 1.. Anywho, will this version work burned just like the...
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    Hacking Is there any way to make a layerbreak on -R media?

    Is there any way I can make a layerbreak on DVD-R DL media? Its the only kind I have.. Thanks
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    Hacking FriiDump .4 Crashes at 50% (Dual-Layer)

    I am trying to back up Super Smash Bros Brawl using FriiDump .4 as suggested, but it just crashed at 50%. I'm guessing its having trouble jumping to the second layer. Any ideas? I'm going to try to continue the rip from where it left off, just wanted to ask the question now, because it will...
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    Hacking What is error 001

    So what exactly is this 001 error? What causes it? Thanks Kyle
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    Hacking Updating to 3.3 killing the ability to use unoffical wii disks?

    If I upgrade to 3.3 will I loose the ability to run disks such as D2Pro upgrade, and homebrew channel installer (iso)? Thanks P.S I has modchip..
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    Hacking How do you rip Dual-Layer?

    So, I have noticed that tons of people have been able to rip dual-layer discs for the Wii, but have also noticed that there is trouble doing so? IS there some special technique to ripping Dual-Layer or is it just as simple as opening Raw Dump 2.1 and go? Thanks for your time, Kyle
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    Hacking Copy of FriiDump already compile for OSX?

    Hello, I am having trouble compiling FriiDump for OSX. Does anyone know where I can find one already compiled? Thanks, Kyle
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    Hacking DVD Media Wearing out?

    So, I had burned Super Mario Kart Wii and it worked fine for about a day.. Then I got the Disk Read Error, and tried another burn of a different game which worked perfectly (Super Monkey Ball). After that, and trying to get Mario Kart to work (continuously ejecting and putting back in), it never...
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    Hacking Problems Playing ripped/burned Super Paper Mario

    So, I ripped Super Paper Mario, the file size is perfect. I then burned it and popped it into the wii, and I get the notorious Disk Read Error. I have burned this game several times at different write speeds. I have even burned other games on the same media, and they play perfectly. I was able...
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    Hacking Which chipboard I have?

    Hello everyone, I am currently in the looks for a modchip (the WiiKey), but I have no idea what type of chipset my Wii has, is there any surefire way to tell? I did this online serial checker, and it said I most likely have D2C, does that mean I'm going to have to purchase the D2CKey (which is...
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