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  1. Chary

    who doesnt????

    who doesnt????
  2. Chary

    Last Epoch (Early Access)

    Last Epoch is an Action-RPG that first launched in 2019 on Steam Early Access and has been actively developed and improved ever since. Recently, Eleventh Hour Games released version 0.9, which introduced online play, as well as numerous other fixes, changes, and additions. While I dont usually...
  3. Chary

    PlayStation kicks off its annual Days of Play sale

    PlayStation is here to celebrate a Summer of non-stop gaming, with its annual Days of Play sale. Plenty of discounts are available for games on the PlayStation Store, as well as a sale that nets you 25% off of a yearly subscription to PlayStation Plus--any tier, regardless if you're a new...
  4. Chary

    Sequel to 1-2-Switch quietly announced by Nintendo

    No, it isn't April Fools 2018...Nintendo has indeed just announced the official sequel to 1-2-Switch, its multiplayer launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Everybody 1-2-Switch has been fairly quietly revealed, with a release date set for June 30th. The store page for the game says you'll be...
  5. Chary

    UGREEN 9 in 1 Docking Station

    Hooking a laptop up to a larger display isnt as easy as it was a few years ago. Because portability is king, laptops are starting to shed extraneous ports in order to achieve the slimmest profile possible. So where does that leave you, when you want to use your laptop at home, hooked up to your...
  6. Chary

    What are ya' watchin'? (series/shows)

    I've never seen Arrested Development. So, like, I'm very late to this train, but oh my gosh what a good show.
  7. Chary

    Are you attracted to my avatar?

    Cats, always. (This is the best picture I have of my cat. It was made by a GBAtemp user lol)
  8. Chary

    Shanling M0 Pro Digital Audio Player

    Ever since the very first Dankpods video was released, interest in iPods was sparked anew, and suddenly, everyone wanted to have a dedicated music player once more. Breaking away from streaming services and going back to owning your own music library is satisfying, but no matter how much you mod...
  9. Chary

    Meta announces the Quest 3 VR headset

    The successor to the popular Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset has just been announced. Mark Zuckerberg revealed the Meta Quest 3, which is a "next-gen" VR device, promising twice the power over the previous headset. Meta promises that the Quest 3 will also be more comfortable than the 2...
  10. Chary

    Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator has been ported to Android

    The Yuzu development team has just released their Nintendo Switch emulator for a new platform. Today, Yuzu has been ported to Android, bringing yet another Nintendo Switch emulator to mobile devices. This release follows nearly a month after Skyline ended its development. Yuzu for Android's...
  11. Chary

    Show me some asses
  12. Chary

    Lofree Flow Keyboard

    Lofree is attempting to take the low-profile mechanical keyboard world by storm, with its Lofree Flow keyboard. Promising a lot of features in such a tiny form factor, to the point of including a gasket mount, this is quite possibly the most interesting low-profile keyboard on the market...
  13. Chary

    Nintendo issues rebootless update for firmware 16.0.3

    An incredibly minor update was sent out to Nintendo Switch systems in the form of a rebootless update for firmware 16.0.3. The exciting content within this slight patch is just a simple change to Nintendo's bad words list, including some removals. For players in Japan, "adhd" is no longer marked...
  14. Chary


  15. Chary

    Growatt VITA 550 Power Station

    When youre on the go or need power in an emergency situation, sometimesa pocket-sized power bank isnt enough. So where do you go from there? A portable power station, which is a massive battery that can charge up and power just about anything you need. Whether its for camping or serious outages...
  16. Chary

    Vladdy Gurmero JR.

    Vladdy Gurmero JR.
  17. Chary

    Cleer Scene Speaker

    Portable speakers tend to have a particular niche--theyre either small enough to easily take around in your bag, or have punchy bass so they can be played outside at parties. Cleer Audios Scene speaker looks like it wants to be one of those kinds of speakers, while missing the mark on those two...
  18. Chary

    Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard

    The Logitech MX Mechanical is a sleek keyboard that combines professional style with a minimalist form factor, designed for maximum productivity.As a flagship offering from LogitechsMX series, this keyboard aims to deliver a premium typing experience for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Were...
  19. Chary

    New Story of Seasons and Rune Factory games announced

    Publisher Marvelous Europe, otherwise known as the parent company of XSEED Games, hosted a 30-minute presentation today, showcasing their upcoming projects. The games they plan to develop new IPs, alongside new entries in the Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, and DAEMON X MACHINA franchises. The...
  20. Chary

    rip psvr2

    rip psvr2
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