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  1. Clab

    Hacking Jig/Dongle still necessary?

    All you need to do to avoid this is reboot to hekate and power down from there. Takes 10 seconds.
  2. Clab

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Do you definitely have the correct update? A couple of early versions of 6.0 were leaked before the official one. You want to install 6.0-5.0 (NintendoSDK Firmware for NX 6.0.0-5.0). The early ones you don't want are 6.0.0 and 6.0.0-4.0.
  3. Clab

    Homebrew Suggestion Manga/Comic Reader?

    Perhaps this? (I've not tried it myself).
  4. Clab

    Farewell Episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm now available

    You can definitely tell Chloe is back to Ashly Burch, but it's not a bad thing. I'd say it just makes her sound more mischievous, which fits the tone of this short prequel episode. Music is great too. It has one of my favourite songs by Ben Howard :)
  5. Clab

    Hacking Would you recommend a PSP or a PSVita?

    I'd spend a bit extra for the Vita. Even if you have no interest in it's extra features/homebrew and it's games, it's still a much nicer handheld to play on. I've been playing a few PS1 RPGs myself, and having the analogue sticks is so much nicer. As Count said, you can also bind camera controls...
  6. Clab

    Hacking Adrenaline v4 Released!

  7. Clab

    Hacking Adrenaline v4 Released!

    Quick question. After fully installing Adrenaline (3.1), is updating it now as simple as copying the new files over and replacing the old ones?
  8. Clab

    Hacking Installing wii titles onto wii u

    When you did the cios installer for your vwii, did you install beta52 or beta53? Beta53 can't load wii games from SD (at least with wiiflow), so if you redo it with 52 it may fix your crash. That's what worked for me when I was in this situation.
  9. Clab

    Gaming Best fire emblem to start with

    If it's something to play as a one off, then Awakening and Fates are very good. If this is a series you're interested in properly getting into, then I'd recommend starting around 7. This way you'd appreciate the new changes each game brings, rather than feeling like each game you play has less...
  10. Clab

    Good Let's play/reviewers!

    For LPs, I quite like Christopher Odd. He puts more focus on getting into the story and thinking about decisions than most people I've seen. I finally admitted to myself I was never going to get round to The Witcher games, and I don't think I could have asked for a better alternative.
  11. Clab

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Quick question about GBA games on sysnand. Once these are installed, can you play them without being in CFW (basically without having cubic ninja in the slot)?
  12. Clab

    Hacking Titles not updating in gateway mode

    Are your games the same region as your 3ds? If not I'd assume you're not getting the right update. If that's the case you could either obtain the game in your region, or find the .cia with the update and install it that way.
  13. Clab

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Alrighty, well since there are no benefits and it's working fine I'll just leave it as it is for now. Thankyou for your response. :lol:
  14. Clab

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Quick question about sysNAND. I've been using my Gateway for about a month or so on a 4.4 3DS with no problems so far, but I've seen a few threads suggesting that 4.5 is optimal. Would it be worth updating, and if so what benefits are there? I have a retail Fire Emblem: Awakening (E) which I...
  15. Clab

    Hacking Where to get a firmware 4.5 or below 3DS XL?

    I believe the instruction manuals, registration cards etc were in German (I don't have it to hand to check), however all consoles for Europe are the same. Mine was even set to English by default. As for the charger, you just need any with a UK plug. I use the one from my original UK 3DS.
  16. Clab

    Hacking Where to get a firmware 4.5 or below 3DS XL?

    Here's a European user on ebay that sells brand new gateway ready 3DS XL consoles - 1400+ feedback at 100%: I have personally had one a few months ago, and so has a friend of mine and there have been no problems at all...
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