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  1. xile6

    [UPDATE] Amazon is restricting sales of used first-party Nintendo games and products

    was only a matter of time. I believe some places in the word do no sell used games.
  2. xile6

    Gaming [RUMOUR] YouTube coming to the Switch?

    All my tvs have youtube build in. Also have 2 media boxes. And as other have said its on ever other system. So i dont see how its needed on the switch. Just like there is hulu om the switch. Watch hulu all the time on my tv but never on the switch,ps4 or xbox. Gaming system for gaming
  3. xile6

    Gaming [RUMOUR] YouTube coming to the Switch?

    Now can people stop crying about not having youtube.
  4. xile6

    Super Mario Party won't be playable in handheld mode

    Kind of a given. You cant really shake the whole switch lol.... But its a party game. Your want to put it in table top mode, split the joycons and play with someone.
  5. xile6

    Sony announces the PlayStation Classic

    Semi cool. But seems a bit high price. Ill pass on it. I still have psone games lol. And with raspberry pi all around i dont really see point. There not remaster. Same as the nes mini and snes. But thats just me.
  6. xile6

    Pokemon Let's Go will have specific requirements in order to fight Gym Leaders

    Wasnt this busted tho? There was a gym battle video and they didnt have to use the pokemon needed at the door. Also others have said that this was only for the first gym.
  7. xile6

    Hacking Discussion You cannot link a Nintendo account on a banned Switch.

    I agree with you on some. But you gotta remember a hack system can dump games. So blocking a person with a hack system from buying new games. Also helps cut down on those that would dump games and put them up for copying.
  8. xile6

    ROM Hack A couple of questions on getting banned

    That not a ban. you have a problem with your switch it sounds like.
  9. xile6

    Tutorial How To Flash The Trinket M0 Using Arduino

    This is freaken great. I use my phone which works great, but i got like 3 of these trinket laying around from other projects. Thanks for the infor
  10. xile6

    Gaming Super Mario Party to have limited online multiplayer mode

    Maybe but there are tons of people that spend 6hrs gaming on destiny. Also what if you want to play a game with friends that dont live close by. Having full online is aways a good thing. It lets you connect with other. I dont understand why nintendo doesnt like for people to meet new people and...
  11. xile6

    Hacking New TX SX Information: New FAQs and Homebrew Support Confirmed for Launch

    Duh lol. I know what OS means. But its says licence. Meanings you if you have more then one switch you will have to buy another one.
  12. xile6

    Hacking New TX SX Information: New FAQs and Homebrew Support Confirmed for Launch

    OS software license? Does this mean its a one system hack?
  13. xile6

    ROM Hack WIP SplatHeX A Splatoon Save Editor

    Wanted to test it out but wont even load for me.
  14. xile6

    Hardware Colorware: Custom Pro Controllers

    they cost alot. I normally just do this stuff myself and save alot of money. I do wish that there where replacement shells. It makes it better to paint them and swap them, so you can have different colors
  15. xile6

    Hardware Joy Cons are terrible

    Great to me. Before the switch came out i thought they would be a little to small. While there on the small size, they feel very good in the hands and are great.
  16. xile6

    Gaming More Resident Evil Games for Switch?

    Id love some more RE on the switch. That would be great id buy them
  17. xile6

    ESRB to add label to games that include "in-game purchases"

    100% On the back of most games it says dlc or in game purchases. So this is just moving it to the front. Does nothing.
  18. xile6

    Gaming Will Pokemon Incorporate Avg. Pokedex Height?

    you do know chess has a timer right? Either way i think it would make for a better game because your will have to think on your feet. But to each there own. I think pokemon should step up.
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