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  1. nero99

    Video shows OLED Nintendo Switch using HWFLY SX clone modchip, can boot Hekate

    Or the thumb sticks like in all recent hekate updates. I have a busted touch screen on my og switch. That software implantation was a life saver
  2. nero99

    What are your most wanted source code leaks?

    and you can fuck right off. how dare you want to put thousands of us out of work just because you're too lazy to get off your ass and do hard labor.
  3. nero99

    Things you recently bought or got

    i just got he 1TB intel 1135G7 One X Player. its like having a switch on steroids.
  4. nero99

    Gaming Fuck steam

    Yeah definitely don't download shady shit or use dodgy websites. Maybe steam should upgrade their security instead of not giving a fuck about the end users account. And what makes it even better is the guy that stole from me made it obvious by gifting those items to their account. Not everyone...
  5. nero99

    Gaming Fuck steam

    Have you ever had a steam gift card that you couldn't wait to use? Only to have it stolen by some jerk that figured out how to bypass your 2FA? Well, I bought doom eternal while it was on sale a few days ago, finally got a day off work to play it yesterday. Only to find out that it takes me to...
  6. nero99

    Buying an Electric Car

    if you do get one, make sure your breaker box has enough room for your charging station or else you'll pop your breaker. It's also a good idea to invest in a solar charging station if you plan to go electric.
  7. nero99

    Gaming Is it possible to download Microsoft Store games that intended only for Windows 10 to Xbox Series??

    even though xbox os is a special version of windows 10, you will never be able to install pc games on the Xbox unless there is a cross buy option.
  8. nero99

    Steam Deck or Aya Neo (Or something else)?

    mine will arrive by the 20th this month. I have been following a lot of videos on youtube with this device. most say that 2.5K resolution gets you about 1-2 hours of gaming at 30fps. but they also say that 1280x800 and 1920x1080p are perfect for gaming at medium to high settings in most games. I...
  9. nero99

    Steam Deck or Aya Neo (Or something else)?

    I 'd like to throw this out there. there's only one portable/handheld pc that uses 2,5K resolutioon iunstead of 720p, the One XPlayer. it looks so beautiful on a 8,4 inch screen
  10. nero99

    Steam Deck or Aya Neo (Or something else)?

    if you don't care about pocketability, get a One X Player when they release their ryzen 4800u version. Perfect size screen, some of the best controls out there, has a turbo button to go from 20w to 30w, has a freaking kick stand that actually works, dual usb C 4.0 ports, one is thunderbolt 4 for...
  11. nero99

    Hacking How to uninstall Auto-rcm ?

    autoRCM doesn't cause crashes :rofl2:
  12. nero99

    Valve officially announces Steam Deck, its handheld gaming PC releasing this December

    I'd rather get a NEO. this thing looks like a pain to play on.
  13. nero99

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD leaked prior to release, port uses partial emulation tech

    well no shit a 4K version would look better than 720p/1080p.
  14. nero99

    After Fallout From "Defund the Police" Political Party Tries To Shift Blame

    are you retarded? So what you want is pretty much any criminal to be able to come car jack you, steal your shit, kill you and more, in plain sight with no cops patrolling to keep those fuckers away? because with out patrols, more thugs will come out and do that because they know they will get...
  15. nero99

    Bitcoin Death is approaching

    miners aren't the problem this time, its those scalpers that need to jump off the highest ledge that are the problem.
  16. nero99

    Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for Windows 10 users and will feature new gaming enhancements

    I'm using the leaked win11 iso. so far its pretty nice compared to win10. Seems to run smoother, looks nicer. can't wait for the final build this year
  17. nero99

    Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for Windows 10 users and will feature new gaming enhancements

    if you have a recent cpu, tpm can be enabled in the bios
  18. nero99

    Old Toshiba TV Remote Control?

    if it has a hdmi plug, get a fire tv stick. you'll be able to at least use the volume while using the fire stick
  19. nero99

    Hacking Question SX OS won't work but only boot as original

    sx core and sx lite use a exploit found the the cpu and you use solder to attach the flex cables for the mod chip. getting into rcm on a unpatched switch is easy. you just need a jig to do it. you're just shorting out pins 1 and 10 on the right joycon rail and pressing volume+ when you press...
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