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    DS #4106: C.O.R.E. (USA)

    Indeed, and they're quite not bad either.
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    DS #4106: C.O.R.E. (USA)

    It might have been kinda dull, slow in the beginning along with not being able to evade the enemies' fire most of the time but they really did a good job with the ending part, goes far from the Quake look, gives you new weps, has enemies with visible and dodgeable projectiles and is well paced...
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    AlienDS r1

    Hm, the system looks very similar to wolfenstein 3D so I kinda think there wouldn't be much point in stylus aiming anyway. Maybe once the engine's more advanced.
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    DS #2758: Nanostray 2 (Europe)

    Oh my god they've completely raped the boxart
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    Gaming moon and CORE

    God no , it emulates a mouse which is pretty close to perfect control. It's just if it's done nicely like in MP:H and a bit like in Dementium or completely badly like in Goldeneye and partially CoD4, I really don't dig the fixed crosshair, yeah it's more mouselike but the touchscreen is not a mouse.
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    Hacking Nintendo DSi and SDHC support

    Come on, you can always delete the old stuff and replace with new and fresh, just like everybody's doing with the Wii's storage
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    Hacking Can a DSi be charged w/ a DS Lite charger?

    Nah, it's lighter by mere 4 grams. Anyway it's supposed to be a bit thinner but wider and longer at the same time.
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    New DS confirmed

    You'd have to get another version of guitar hero anyway. And it wouldn't play well at all.
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    Hacking R.I.P. EZ Flash 3-in-1

    I think it has 16MB or so, the original opera ram addon is 8MB.
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    Tempcast: Episode 13

    Yeah, totally!
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    Hacking Wii backup loader......looks real!

    Hm, I'm not too sure what to think. On one side I'd like this project as my modchip is kind of obsolete at the moment and I should prolly get a new one and this would be kind of an easy fix, on the other I think that a full-working app of such kind would greatly hurt the Wii homebrew scene...
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    Gaming DX Now selling Guitar Hero controller!

    I like playing VGH with the buttons a bit more, it's not a game best suited for the grip. Anyway I'm glad I got the real Guitar Hero, this just looks silly and has no skin faceplate and as already mentioned it lacks the pick stylus too.
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    Homebrewcast: Episode 5

    Gah, a lag.
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    Homebrewcast: Episode 5

    Email your application to [email protected], that's what I did. I think that we can actually use any helping hand available. Anyway you'll prolly be invited on one show and if MR COW and Teendev decide you don't completely suck they'll allow you to come to the next shows aswell.
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    Gaming DS = Invincible

    Well, a schoolmate dropped my DS on a carpet from belly height - broken spring in the power switch. I got it repaired (actually replaced for a new one after a month it was in repair). Soon after, around a month, the hinge cracked and the top screen continually lost all holding power. I had it...
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    Homebrewcast: Episode 5

    Thanks . Well, my official name according to the papers and czech spelling of the name is Dominik, I don't mind either way but actually I'm quite used to MagNet aswell. @ Skyler: We'll try. Not that I can really speak for anyone but me but the preparations can be carried out by anybody who has...
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    Homebrewcast: Episode 5

    Hehe, you forgot to mention me but I wasn't there for the whole show anyway so that's ok.
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    DsDsRevolution v0.4.3

    You can edit the controls in the DsDsR.ini file. Anyway I've tried two songs I've made steps for myself and both work flawlessly. I wonder if the low compatibility you're talking about isn't caused by throwing the wrong format at it (not talking about the garbled sound), it says it supports .sm...
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    DS #2616: Touch Mechanic (France)

    Ah yes, Street Rod was brilliant. However from watching the trailer I guess this is really just about working on the car and I guess that in some preset scenarios and no racing, pity. But might be fun anyway.
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    DsDsRevolution v0.4.3

    If the DS had a multi-touch screen, THEN it would be on. But as it is now you wouldn't be able to do jumps.
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