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  1. maduin

    Hacking Can you load games over a network?

    That's how Gamecube loading used to work back in the day, by exploiting a bug in Phantasy Star Online and using the Broadband Adapater to load games from a PC to the Gamecube. I don't think it would be too slow, as you won't have to load the entire game all at the same time, you'd just stream...
  2. maduin

    Hacking WiiMotionPlus + Nunchuk + Component Cables + LCD TV = Bug!

    I'll try that. I switch back to my RCA cables, and I still have the same problem, basically plugging in the nunchuk to the WM+ always replicates the problem. I'll try to leave the Wii unplugged for a while and see if I can get it fixed. I'm also gonna try a different WM+, as soon as I can...
  3. maduin

    Hacking WiiMotionPlus + Nunchuk + Component Cables + LCD TV = Bug!

    I got a new LCD TV today (previously on a CRT), and hooked up my Wii via Component cables and set my Wii to 16:9 and 480p. Now, when I try to use the WiiMotionPlus with a nunchuk connected to it, my finger cursor dissappears and my nunchuck doesn't work, and the speaker sounds out the wii...
  4. maduin

    Hacking What happens if I click "install game" icon on Wiiflow

    if you have a Wii game disc in your Wii, it will install the game to your hard drive without the need to use your computer.
  5. maduin

    Wii #1868 - World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010 Play Maker (Japan)

    yay, maybe there will be more people to play online now.
  6. maduin

    Hacking Help formatting HD to WBFS

    well, then I suggest using Paragon Partition Manager to format it to FAT, then let a USB Loader format your drive. I know the earlier releases of Waninkoko's 1.1 would detect either RAW or FAT and when you plugged it into the Wii and would prompt you to format it to WBFS, I'm not sure if the...
  7. maduin

    Hacking GameTDB - game information database + covers

    you're really not supposed to upload custom full covers for retail games. You either wait for the real thing to be scanned and uploaded or you just stick with a front cover. Your "Where the Wild Things Are" custom looks like shit, please don't upload that crap to the database, you're tainting it.
  8. maduin

    Hacking Help formatting HD to WBFS

    format the drive to FAT32 in windows (I'm almost positive it'll let you do it greater than 32GB, have you actually tried to do it?) Then plug it into your Wii and let your USB Loader format the drive, then plug it back into your PC and find the drive with WBFS Manager, the letter should appear...
  9. maduin

    Hacking Nintys new copyright protection (BCA)

    just add the BCA info to WiiTDB, similarly to how Title information is stored and used in loaders, so it will automatically downloaded when you download a title.
  10. maduin

    Hacking Can HD resolutions be uncapped on Wii?

    the Wii doesn't come with component cables. He meant to say that you can get component cables that make the picture and color better than the COMPOSITE cables that come with the Wii. Which is a fact, since you can't do 480P with composite. I really hate to bump this thread to make this post...
  11. maduin

    Wii #1784 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (Europe)

    switch your pass style to manual and double tab the B button
  12. maduin

    Hacking Is there a WBFS to FAT transfer tool?

    I've been thinking about switching my drive to completely FAT. Right now it's half WBFS/FAT, is there a tool to transfer my WBFS files to a FAT or NTFS drive in .wbfs format so I can backup my games before I format my Wii's drive to FAT?
  13. maduin

    Hacking What is the BEST USB Loader out there

    WiiFlow is great, I was using USB Loader GX before I discovered WiiFlow. It's now my default autoboot file that, I rarely ever see the Wii's system menu anymore as WiiFlow makes it seem like I have a Wii 1.5.
  14. maduin

    Wii #1776 - Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! (USA)

    it would help if you had a big screen TV, cause the text is ridiculously small. Almost unplayable on anything less than 27"
  15. maduin

    Hacking USB loader query

    Use WiiFlow it's beautiful and simple to use. It uses 3D game cases that float in space and has a very elegant and professional feel to it. Very easy to use because it goes for aesthetics rather than an over abundance of features.
  16. maduin

    Wii #1766 - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (USA)

    hey chanser, you spelled the game title wrong, "Havest" you left out the R.
  17. maduin

    Wii #1751 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (USA)

    sadly, I'm a bit disappointed with this year's effort. Last years game was great, and the only area I think they needed to improve on was the online play. This year's online is still severely lacking. They could've at least added a function where you could see how many people are currently...
  18. maduin

    Wii #1752 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii (USA)

    worked perfectly, thanks!
  19. maduin

    Wii #1752 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii (USA)

    I've already beat the PAL version and have all the star coins up to World 6, but I guess I'm gonna start over since I prefer to always have the proper version for my region.
  20. maduin

    Hacking Whats arguably the best Cover Flow usbloader these days?

    WiiFlow is amazingly beautiful, elegant, and simple to use. Sure, it skimps on some of the extra features that other loaders have, but it's simplicity is what makes it so great. I used to use USB Loader GX and Config, but WiiFlow will blow your mind, it looks so professional...
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